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  1. I want to see neo nazi gangs.. id love to stomp some racist dbfp... douche bag QD pants for those that dont know
  2. No need to show more.. let it be a surprise ... weve seen enough to know it will be the shit..
  3. Time to celebrate!! Iam loading the fattest bong rip.. i love the last two sets amazing ...the country is gonna blow our minds..iam gonna take a couple weeks offa work when this comes out... do the images seem to be getting sharper to anyone else??
  4. GTA IV's Liberty City was based on New York City not the amazon rainforest. What a brilliant observation
  5. Just the type you meant?? Yes massa.. No probbem massa.. I get right on that massa.. .. Fact is youre wrong.. Even if there is nothing for you to "interact" with, buildings that you can enter and are booming with life is still considered an intractable building.. and id like to see lots of em, mostly for shootouts.. I dont care to buy a fucking candy bar.. Shove it up your ass if you like... I just want buisnesses that can be robbed and used for hold UPS and taking hostages... That's the kind of interactment I would like And obvious huh?? Cuz they had stuff like that in the last gta?? Ohh thats right its obvious we can fly planes too cuz I saw one in the trailer..
  6. Well I dont thinks cops should shoot unless u have been seen with a gun... And u should be able to kill and get away with it if no one is around..
  7. Read the first post. Whats your point??? A shopping mall or a movie theater full of people that you can walk into and blow away isnt interacting... That's gta interaction at its finset!!
  8. Or you could have a radar detector type thing that helps you slow down in time..
  9. First off San Andreas rules!! I wish ps3 played it... That saying gta v should be awesome... Play gtasa right now.. In fact I might go buy a used ps3 to play it... Ohh and bring back military
  10. I want to hall ass on some country dirt Roads in a sports car