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  1. Explain your symptoms, most competent doctors should suspect it based on that. They diagnose based on symptoms and blood tests (anti-SSA/anti-SSB). There's not much you can do if you have it except manage the symptoms. So lubricate your vagina/eyes.
  2. I don't know how old you are, but Osgood-Schlatter disease is a common cause of knee pain amongst active teenagers. Sjogren's syndrome should be excluded. TC is not very useful. HDL should be high, LDL should be low. Diet and exercise will improve this, alongside reducing your risk of heart disease in general, which is the only reason we care for cholesterol.
  3. Sounds like acute delirium. Did he get any better, out of curiosity?
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that. Breast cancer has very good treatment options, with good prognosis if caught early, so try to be positive.
  5. Love this show. Was sitting on season 4 for a while, finished it last week. Looking forward to the next season. This one had a good ending.
  6. Roughly how many game hours until end-game (level 30)?
  7. Don't know whether to buy it. I'm enjoying what little time I do have to play PS4 with Rainbow Siege. This would definitely be too big of a distraction. I have exams until end of April, then i'm travelling in May. So I won't even pick it up until June! I guess I'll wait and see if it still has hype and doesn't just deflate like Destiny.
  8. The game felt kinda empty though. That's my only concern. Right now I'm really enjoying Rainbow Six: Siege, so not sure how this will play out. I probably will end up getting it. I remember seeing this for the first time, it was the only game that grabbed my attention. In terms of map size, it's roughly the equivalent of GTA5 downtown area. Only difference is that there are no cars, so you have to run everywhere. Also, The Division provides depth with the subway system. In the closed beta, there were a lot more rogue agents fighting one another. The open beta was more civilized though. Map-size comparison:
  9. I really hope they don't pull a Destiny with this game. Just release a full expansive game, then yes add expansions later on. Don't stop players from playing the game if they simply don't have the expansion. I played the closed-beta and now the open-beta. I really am enjoying it. Although, I think you need to play with at least one friend at all times to experience the full effect of the game. The dark zones are interesting, I went rogue almost every time I went it. It was truly desperate in the dark zone, I ran into multiple agents and eventually my entire squad was wiped out. I was the only one left, sprinting away with only a single clip of ammo. I was eventually cornered. A squad attacking me from the front, and a single enemy at my rear, so I ran towards the single enemy and managed to kill him. Then with just my pistol I tried to extract from the dark zone, got killed at the last hurdle. Managed to extract my gear though. It seems you lose team comms when you enter the dark zone. Will be useful to have a party chat simultaneously running. Overall, the game hasn't blown my mind, but that's simply because I've played mostly alone and there is obviously reduced content since it is a beta. But the gameplay mechanics are good, shooting is solid, graphics are nice. They've got the recipe for a great game, let's just hope they can follow through. I imagine there will be severe server issues in the first week of release.
  10. Due to confidentiality, her doctor won't be able to reveal any details of her health or medical care to you without her prior permission. The best person to talk to would be your Grandmother. Tell her that you are worried and explore your concerns with her. If you want to know more about the medical side of her treatment, you can explain to the doctor that you are aware she is undergoing a stent or that she has heart failure, and whether he/she would be able to explain either of these in greater detail to you. I'm sure there are many doctors who are willing to sit down and explain that with you.
  11. Fructose free? Good call! Probably one of the worst chemicals for the human body. Here is why
  12. I know what you mean Dupz, the one advantage of having four sisters! I just get their advice... or rather they just do the shopping on my behalf !
  13. Indy


    I think most of my leveling up has occurred from building stuff lol No combat xp, I think my character has inadvertently become an engineer.
  14. You can solve the entire thing using about 9 algorithms. It's just about how quick you can recognise the situation and which to apply, then it's about how quick you can turn the cube. This will get you to about a 1-3 minute solve time. To get it less than a minute and into the seconds, you have to learn another technique, which is about 42 algorithms. So it's a lot more effort, but can be done with a lot of practice. It's quite fun as well. I've not gotten as far as F2L, i'm quite content at being able to solve in less than 2 mins at the moment.
  15. Here are some of my latest calligraphy doodles.