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  1. San Andreas came out in 2004 and IV in 2008 and IMO i think rockstar will try to release the game in late 2012. Plus San Andreas was set in 1992 and released in october 2004 and V is probably set in 2012? So it would be "cooler" if Rockstar released it in 2012. And if they were going to release it in 2013 then they probably would not give out the trailer in november to hype the game up before MP3, then the ideal thing for them would to put out the trailer in July or somthing. And btw this is just me guessing so don't apeshit if you think otherwise.
  2. - Make the money in the game count more (So you can do more things with your money besides buying guns like in the previous series). - Keep making the phisics in the game better and animations, also a more realistic fighting (hand to hand combat) - Parashuits - Access to gym like in San Andreas to change your appearence and so you can choose if you want to be big, skinny or fat. - More clothes and just more character customization overall. - More realistic NPCs behavior - More realistic Police and chase (wanted) system to the game - A good long storyline Can't think of much more atm, just hope they have upgraded the realism alot since 2008 and i hope for a huge map with alot of things to do.
  3. Hope there will be more realistic AI, i hate when im playing GTA IV and you're in an alleway for ex and they automaticly know where you are.
  4. I think i would need to buy a better PC to run the game smooth. I played GTA IV on PC and i can't imagine playing it on a console mostly because of the aiming, you have alot more touch for the shooting and aiming on a PC, IMO.