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  1. For the story it doesn't matter, but after completing.... problaly cool for only 2 weeks and after that BORINGG!!!! i think....
  2. I don't want info.. because if I finaly will get GTA V , there's nothing 2 discover (AFTER FINISHING THE STORY) SO FUCK THE 8YEAR OLD GTA NOOBS/ADDICTS!!!
  3. C'mon GTA V, hurry!

    1. gtagrl


      With any luck, the game will be out by this time next year. :P

    2. jobo


      Impatient honky

    3. Asthenia



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  4. I prefer the Jewpacabra XD southpark
  5. More posts about RDR then GTA , I post this just to get back to the subject: In the past series I never had trouble with Cycling through weapons, neither with the wheel of RDR, (To be honest I never had trouble with SR Weapon wheel too.... But Sr is lame ,cause its ''2overthetop'' oops, now i talk about the games too!!! U haven't read this right? I never said something about RDR or SR......
  6. I only post this to get back to the subject: I would be awsome climb a tree , with a sniper, kill a hiker Put him/her in the back of my car, drive 5 min. to the desert, drive 10 min. through the desert , and grab a shovel and dump the dumb hiker..... BTW: Don't let gta look like SR RDR CoD or any other like sims... ... cause it needs to remain the "gta style'' Like if u agree.......
  7. fucking the time

    1. DuPz0r


      He got his cock caught up in with wrist watch...

    2. Ku Zi Mu
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  8. fuck cod weapons, I want the classic gta guns 2 return. -desert eagle -(supressed)9mm -micro smg -ak47 -M4 and new weapons like -trowing knife/star -a LMG (NO MATTER WHAT LMG ) -a MP ( NO MATTER WHAT MP ) I also would like something to use against aircraft. And cool melee stuf. maybe broken bottle. I forgot (explosive shell) shotguns , oops I WANT SUPRESORS
  9. Whats on my mind huh?

    1. Qdeathstar


      cum is on your head, if that helps.

  10. I don't realy care if there aren't any animals , but if they are , it would be super funny if you could let your dog crap in front of the door of your old neighbor
  11. If you suck, I will rock!

    1. ViceMan


      If you suck, I will cum in the back of your throat.

    2. TreeFitty


      if you don't suck, i will bash a rock into your skull.

    3. Qdeathstar


      If i suck, i'm definitely fucking you in the ass.

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