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  1. Hey y'aaaaaalllll here's your cash
  2. Those 2v Ford mod motors do pretty good on gas even in heavy vehicles despite their somewhat lack of good low-end torque. Good motors, expensive to get power out of though. --As a plus, all police interceptors came with Ford's TrakLok limited slip, and you get the sweet push bar. Car Craft did some neat suspension work on one a few years ago, it's worth a google if you're interested.
  3. Huge Mad Max fan here. I just hope this movie does the others justice.
  4. Well i'm pretty sure the plug was swapped out, don't know about the wiring.... I'm supposed to give it a few days and bring it back if it hasn't improved. Thankfully he's not charging me anything for it, (my in-law technically). This may be a little above your skill level, but the procedure for removing fluid from a cylinder include removing the cylinder head and bumping the starter to blow out the liquid. Then leave the head off in a dry place to let the rest evaporate. Oh, and Ace, do you watch the Roadkill shows on YouTube? Seems like something you'd enjoy. It's put on by the HOTROD Magazine guys. Can't really do it justice here, but It's good enough that I'm always waiting for the next one.
  5. Those Buicks are definitely NOT cheap anymore. Any turbo Buick that is is completely tired, clapped out, and roached.
  6. Fucking Hispanic 7 year olds with voice chat. I ha just sold a car to get it out of my garage so I was standing outside LSC without a car. Some Mexican kid was sitting out there in his yellow buffalo. After trying to get me to ride in his car for about 30 seconds (from which I just walked away) he decides the next logical step is to smear my ass all over the sidewalk with his car, all while screaming what I imagine where pretty heavy expletives in Spanish. And also, the fucking constant giggles of what sounds like 6 year olds with a headset---how do they get their hands on this game anyway?
  7. I only seem to have this issue when signed into psn. If I log out before I attempt to load a different save, I don't seem to have any problem
  8. That's weird, mine went away with 1.09, and my character rocks a buzz cut, so it was pretty obvious
  9. Turns out I probably won't ge to make it, they want me at work earlier today.
  10. I'll admit I've been luckier than most. Qualified for national merit on my PSAT, so there's tuition paid right there, and OKlahoma State said i could try out for a walk on spot on the practice squad. Not sure if I want to play football anymore, there's no fucking chance in hell I'd ever get off that practice squad.
  11. My psn is dkong40 for those of you who don't know, as I haven't been real active lately
  12. Hmmmm...... Might actually make this one, but probably only for like an hour, I have to leave for work by like 6:30 cst/ 7:30 est
  13. Sure, 21 with the stock 318, a two-barrel or thermoquad, and 2.73 or deeper highway gears
  14. If it has the 318, then this: http://www.carcraft.com/techarticles/ccrp_0401_mopar_318_engine/viewall.html
  15. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the honda was totaled Haha. Not exactly, but I had to help him tear off the front bumper of his car so he could drive away. I'm just glad the front clip is ok, although it might have been an excuse to convert to the better looking '70 front end
  16. I'll get some up once I have some decent pics. I'm really thinking e85 setup because its like 106 octane and cheap----50-70 cents cheaper than 87 octane around here. Asshole in a Honda hit the front fender, working on hanging a new one, need to save up for a repaint.
  17. Damn, now I want a true 4x4. I bought a '99 awd rav4 because my El Camino only gets ~8mpg on a good day, and has to be on 91 octane or better, until i convert to e85 or add water/meth injection. The rav is a lot of fun and is great for camping/fishing, but there are some things it just can't do that a 4x4 will
  18. It would be fairly easy, though to swap in a np242 or similar 2 range transfer case from a jeep product
  19. I've always thought those were cool, would be cool to build a unique wheeler---but I have a problem with the single speed transfer case. You really need a low range to go along with that hi range for any serious wheeling Oh, and in reply to the v6 mustang-- you're one of THOSE people, aren't you, Brian
  20. Have fun with that...although you're going to outgrow that v6 quick lol. Should handle relatively well, at least compared to my first--93 ranger with a 5.0 v8--squirrelly as hell
  21. I'm already outside. I'm just imagining I'm in the cube. Got it... Just imagine you ARENT in the cube Here's a good one I've always enjoyed: There is a man sprinting down a hallway with an envelope. The lights flicker and go out, then immediately come back on. The man continues his journey, in despair. What was in the envelope?
  22. Ok let's give this a shot.... Imagine you are inside of a cube. Each of the six walls is comprised of 3 feet of concrete and 3 feet of steel. How do you escape the cube?