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  1. i want tons of cars, but mostly tuners
  2. im definately guna pre-order lol.....i kno ive got the pc specs to play it
  3. Think again. But better for you will be to read something about scripts. They dont take long to write. If they were then mods for game like The Elder Scrolls oblivion/skyrim Fallout 3/NW would take years to make for single moder. But they are not so mods are made quite fast and they are mostly based on scripts and they can make lots of complicated new stuff in game. Go see for yourself how much mods there are for oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV and most of them are made only by single person! Your theory fail. GTA IV mods are made as scripts too and many of them are complicated and making very huge difference in gameplay. (GO and use arrestwarrant script made by 1 guy and see how much it changes!). Making 3D model and texturing it is longer than writing simple script that will change something in game. U even cant image how much things can be changed in game like GTA 4 just by writing short scripts. If devs will be lazy as players that think they already got what they want then games would not evolve at all! Think again and put as many demands as you can. If all players would do so then games will evolve much faster. Instead only about 1-5% of players making suggestions to game developers. Remember this, demands make things in this world to be better. If not then for example you would have the same mobile phone till it broke then you would buy exactly same model but just new one. Another part of technology evolution is competition. well yeah i do know a thing or two about scripts...and while what you're saying is probly true, u gotta remember that if they give the player too much freedom with waaaay too much customisation options, the player may never get into the storyline of the game. there has to be the right balance, things that arent necessary jus shouldnt be put in. If they do give alot of customisation, it needs to revolve around the storyline missions.
  4. "To bad that casual players are not smart enough to understand that there are some things that must be in specific games" ?????????? Are you normal? I do not know why you say that. I think all people may say their opinions or ideas.... i think it would take rockstar devs waaay too long to implement all of this into code, i honestly think that with their track record, this game will be excellent. i mean even i am looking foward to a better sense of realism than gta4, but not to the point where its hard to tell real life from a simple game lol.
  5. smasher101

    How realistic should GTA V be?

    i think gta5 should have just the right balance, just like san andreas did...a lil humour here nd there nd it gave you the sense that you were playing a game...if its too real it cant be fun