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  1. 61 I think really that old well in that case i can't really see R* giving us someone that old to play as since it makes more sense to play as a younger guy since your goin to be chased by the cops after all it is *grand theft auto* but i could be wrong
  2. I think tommy could return but i doubt it would be as main character, wouldn't he be around 50 years old? that's a bit old to be running around los santos is it would, personally i think it would be cool to play as someone in tommys family like say he has had a son and you play as him doin things for your father it would be a nice little twist but that's just my thoughts
  3. I'm talkin online just something that people can do if they choose whilst in free roam make it an option like the police missions etc in previous games. if they wanted to do they would go to a certain point on the map or a bar was just a thought
  4. I hope they put in a multiplayer feature where you can join a MC club where you and other players can ride around and do drug runs etc i think that would be epic