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  1. Thin pancakes are the way forward, if thick ones arnt cool enough...ugh!!! Thin n crispy all day, like my pizzas x
  2. Is a Hydra really worth that much?! :(

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    2. AnGeL0fDeAt4x


      Haha love the clash in the opinions! Thanks guys!!x

    3. DiO


      I dont call mine in that much but I just enjoy driving

    4. CFO Charles

      CFO Charles

      Fuck yes. Explosive round MG divebombs ftw.

  3. Quick question guys, does anyone know if the slasher mode on the Halloween download will disappear forever? It says that update will be gone from 16th Nov! Surely they can't get rid!?x
  4. Yea I'll take a look soon, my social club Id would never let me log in! Grr
  5. Aww social I am indeedy! I hear what your saying about Social media tho! I find forums full of better and more interesting people to be honest...and info at that! I'd chose this corner of the wasteland any day! Woop Woop!
  6. Enought Outlast for tonight me thinks!!

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    2. AnGeL0fDeAt4x
    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      yea i had to put down the meth pipe myself...

    4. AnGeL0fDeAt4x


      Haha you total pair of d-mules hahaha x

  7. @gtagirl. Aww thanks! I rly want fallout but can't afford it till payday!!!!! Arghhhhh! Haha ok I'll take a look! Thanks
  8. Hey! It's only a quick one...does anyone know if the slasher mode finishes on 16th Nov with the rest of the Halloween stuff! Surely it can't?!x
  9. Hey all!! Newly signed up since becoming obsessed with GTA. Found some useful shit in here so thought I'd get involved and hope to meet some cool people to cause havoc with online feel free to say hello I'm Joanne anyway, or Jo or call me whatever haha X peace
  10. I'm Baaaaack!:)

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      Haha wtf am I meant to understand what the hells going on here?!x

    3. gtagrl


      Nice verse, cuda.

    4. AnGeL0fDeAt4x


      Cuda cuda luda luda