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  1. Im sorry Mercy....but if that song came on id have to run every mother fucker down on the path and then hope for the best there is a ramp at the end of the street thats points directly to the sea....LOL
  2. Well im new...i feel like a virgin again OH WELL but..HAIII!!!
  3. some old school limp bizkit and hollywood undead and cypress hill...that alone would keep me entertained
  4. Soldiers never die, they just go to hell to re group

  5. I Agree with the realism of course! instead of another tactical nuclear base ect, they should maybe try a building which is fully interactable which you can enter and either tear stuff up or even maybe get a mission or job of some sort from it like an FBI station or Military base of a smaller scale like VC that would be pretty sweet.
  6. This has probably been mentioned before but in a GTA game its about time we could MOD weaponry such as tactical lights and scopes maybe even a purchasable silencer for certain guns. Not to make it sound like MW3 but there has been gun shops ect but random guns on tables and what knot. More freedom with the weaponry seen as the game is 85% weaponry based!