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  1. Going for 7th shot today, started HCG and B12 last week. So far I've dropped 25 pounds. Less lethargic, less depressed, less anxious, I sleep better, libido through the roof, etc. 


    Also noticing much more muscle. Overall I look and feel better. Can't wait to see what the next few months hold as it continues to go up. Going for blood test next week to see levels. 

  2. 12 hours ago, GunSmith said:

    I feel that strongly, Bri, my dad's been fighting a massive tumor on/in his chest wall the past few years. I'm not familiar with breast cancers or their remission, wish I had something to offer you there. But oher than treatment, morale is the biggest thing she needs to maintain. Help her keep her faith in every way you can and be present for her. 


    Sorry to hear about your father. It's tough dealing with the situation we are both in. You ever need anything let me know.

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  3. So it's been a rough past few weeks. I posted here last year that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.


    She went through two types of chemo, one giving her kidney failure, surgery, and radiation. She had a tough fight but had beaten it. 


    But now it came back. From what she's told me (very little this time around though) it was caught very early. They are just doing chemo. It was in a different spot but still in the breast area, despite double mastectomy. She's made comments a few times about how I should prepare, nonchalantly. 


    I don't really have much close family other than my grandparents. I don't know what to expect. She's not doing so well this time around. 


    If anyone knows anything about cancer, how it could've came back after all that, what it means regarding survival, etc. I'd appreciate it if it could be explained to understand a little easier than what I've seen online.

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  4. 4 hours ago, gtagrl said:

    This is what I had printed in my recipe binder. (Y) I'm sure there are plenty of others if you searched, the photos on it look odd, I recall a lovely all-green finished jelly...I can vouch for the recipe at least. Protip: get the smallest jars for this kind of jelly. Surplus makes for excellent gifts! 


    I'll be sure to give this a go in a few weeks once the peppers come in! Thanks 

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  5. On 5/18/2018 at 0:13 PM, gtagrl said:

    I've made jalapeno jelly before, it's fantastic on burgers and more. A friend gave me a pile of hot red peppers from their garden last summer, so I dehydrated them and crushed them up with a mortar and pestle and added it to the spice jar collection, a hefty pinch is great in pasta sauce and other dishes. Never tried drying jalapenos but if you end up with too many, that would be worth trying too. 


    I'll see if I can find the jelly recipe I used and add the link here, it worked really well. 


    That would be great if you could. I'm a big fan of pepper jelly but never had jalapeno jelly.



  6. Anyone know anything about TRT?


    I'm 20 this month and was just prescribed testosterone cyp and anastrozole. I got a blood test done and it showed:


    Testosterone, Serum 362 ng/dL (lab range 264-916)

    Free Testosterone 12.3 pg/mL

    Estradiol 27.9 pg/mL

    LH 2.7 miu/mL

    FSH 2.9 miu/ML


    MY doctor says it will help me in a lot of ways, lose some extra weight, help me gain some muscle mass when I get back to the gym, help my fatigue, increase libido (which has dropped in recent months), and a slew of other things.


    I understand while on trt it lowers sperm count, but I have read mixed things about permanent infertility being a risk. Most of what I've seen though said introducing HCG or weening off trt will bring sperm count back up when I do want a kid, and there are plenty of body builders who have used high amounts of steroids who have kids.


    My dosages will not be large, I am doing half a cc of test a week, and splitting the anastrozole into 2 doses a week. My doc said that was to make sure the test doesn't convert into estrogen. I’m also being given HCG 45-60 days after starting to being up natural levels. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Ace Of Spades said:

    Ah okay, i didn't think about freezing leftover bones, now what's the best method to scrape any scunge on top off when it rises? 


    And again off topic, if things work out well for me in the next month i may have some big car related news that the forum will be second to hear about ;) cheers.


    Just use a serving spoon or slotted spoon 

  8. 18 hours ago, Ace Of Spades said:

    Thanks buddy, i need all the luck and encouragement i can get. 


    Now, with this bone broth is it the bones that you bake to brown or is that meat that you put with them? 

    If i was a betting man i'd say this probably would benefit me in a multitude of ways, seems pretty lean which i would think would be a good kickstarter to shedding a few pounds. I'm going to have to try this when i can round up the supplies. The thing that appeals to me is how convenient it seems portability wise. I'm definitely going to give it a go at some point. 


    Now off topic, I've been meaning to say your mustang is really coming along and i dig it. Looks like you're having the appropriate amount of fun with it, which let's be real that's about half the reason you buy a mustang GT, cheers buddy. As always i appreciate your input on things like this. 


    The bones don't have much meat on them typically, but whatever comes on them when you get them you can keep while roasting and making the broth. For example some of what I used included lamb neck bones with little meat, beef ox-tail with some meat, and let all of it brown up, as well as a pork hock, where i left all the meat/fat on. It adds a nice depth of flavor, and the fat will separate from the broth like I said so it will stay lower on the calorie side. Hell, when you eat dinner, if you have any leftover steak bones or chicken carcasses bag it and freeze until you're ready to use it up in a batch of broth. It's pretty easy, just be sure to strain it afterward to catch any small bone shards or chunks of meat and vegetable you want out.


    Also thank you, means a lot coming from a car guy such as yourself! Let me know if you ever need more advice or whatnot, cheers man.

  9. Supplement wise, fish oil is good, but you should also look into making homemade broths (what many call bone broth). It's pretty easy. Some supermarkets have bones, but any butcher will be able to provide (discuss incase they need a little advance notice). I just made a batch with a mix of beef, lamb, and pork. I brown them up in a pan quickly (some people roast them at 400-425 for 30-40 minutes). Throw them into a pressure cooker with the fond, throw in some vegetables (you may want to add these halfway through), bay leaves, and garlic, then top off with a few quarts of water and let it cook 16-48 hours. I went 24 hours on low, occasionally skimming any scum off the top. 


    What happens is this allows a lot of nutrients/proteins in the bones to seep out, namely collagen, which is incredible for many parts of your body, including the digestive system, skin, hair, and joints/bones/tendons. It comes from the cartilage and marrow in the bones. Drink this regularly. Making a lot you can store them in mason jars too and freeze them (leave room at top for expansion) and defrost them as needed. 


    When you refrigerate, the fat will rise to the top and separate, making it easy to skim off, and the broth takes on the consistency of jello thanks to all the collagen. Just throw some in a pot and heat it up.


    I find myself drinking a cup of it a few times a week out of a coffee mug. I just salt it a little since I don't season it while making it.


    I suffer from bursitis in my knees after a car accident and some days my knees can really bother me, overall I've noticed I do feel a bit better, but your best bet as stated is to lose some extra weight, as every pound lost is a 4 pound reduction in pressure on the knees. In turn, the bone broth is healthy and filling too, and can help aid your weight lose by becoming part of your meals or a replacement for snacks. 


    Good luck with it man. 




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  10. Had my brakes repainted today, headlights are being done tomorrow.


    Paid a buddy to do mine originally, he did the fronts half assed and never finished them. So much for friends. Had a guy in Brooklyn redo these. Hit them with a sandblast, then primer, red paint, brembo stickers, and clear coat. 









  11. Finally got my new wheels on. Next week I'll be getting some custom work on my headlights and getting my brakes repainted red with black brembo stickers on the fronts. Also have lowering springs sitting in my room, and I'll be throwing on some carbon fiber. Gonna be a good year for the car.





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  12. Bought a kind pen battery for tanks and lost it within 3 hours :mad:

    On 2/26/2018 at 11:38 AM, gtagrl said:

    My man has become an expert in de-carbing weed and using the end product to make a drinkable/edible version. He's made it into pills using clear gel tabs, added it to coconut milk to make a 'tea', and is also now testing out steeping it in pure coconut oil to make a concentrated CBD oil. It's made a big difference to his pain management, and we know enough other folks using plants to treat PTSD, Crohn's, arthritis etc to get a hold of stems and leaves, which other people are throwing out anyway. We still get the high-end stuff to smoke or vape for the funsies, too.


    Legalization was supposed to be around July 2018, at one point they were aiming for Canada Day on July 1, but now they're saying it'll be delayed, who the fuck knows how long that will take. 


    I'm looking into the medical program here for PTSD from a car accident and subsequent assault (long story). It's only CBD in NY right now though. Hope Jersey legalizes so we make the move next. 

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  13. 13 hours ago, CaPn bOnEs said:

    networking must of really helped out, i can barely keep the 2100 i have lol... but i also don't focus on it all that much anymore now that i am bored of it...


    The Mustang community is huge too so it helps, what's your Instagram I'll follow you 


    12 hours ago, Qdeathstar said:

    Not even on instagram, but I will join and subscribe for kicks, Brian..




    oh what my nipples could have been..


    Thanks pepperoni nips, lmk your username so i can follow back

  14. 57 minutes ago, CaPn bOnEs said:

    how the hell did you get 20K followers with only 94 posts?


    A lot of networking, shoutouts, and I've archived many posts that didn't do so well over time. I may be clearing out my posts again soon and narrowing that number down further. use of hashtags too.