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  1. Resident Evil was the game that got me hooked on video games. Yeah, I had played the Mario-fucks-the-princess games for the Nintendo, but RE was the series that actually made me want a playstation. I have, and have beaten: RE1 RE2 RE3 RE: Outbreak RE: Code Veronica X RE4 I was going to get RE5, but I didn't have a PS3 (still refuse to get one until they make them backwards compatible, but I digress). A buddy of mine had it for his 360 (and I now own a 360 and am constantly playing Dead Island, but again, I digress), and I got the chance to play it. SUCKED. The co-op thing was ok, and I don't mind having someone help me out when I'm getting my ass handed to me. But the enemies weren't even close to being zombies (ok, so neither were the los illuminados from RE4, but they were at least mindless and bloodthirsty), and the game didn't seem to have any type of survival horror feel to it. I played it for about 30 minutes and just put the controller down. Leon is my favorite character, and I'm glad to see he isn't dead within the franchise. I am awaiting the release of this game, and I will definitely play it. We'll see if it lives up to the awesomeness most of its predecessors gave us.
  2. No vacations for me. I'm already in Vegas, and well, where else is there to go? I've got booze, gambling, drugs, and hookers all near my house. It's like I live on vacation.
  3. QD, what is it with you and penis? You're going to start making Tranque horny.

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      No, he's just busy fucking a bunch of dudes.

  4. Demon, we think you're insane anyhow

  5. I hate this computer. Can't read or reply to any topics. Have to wait til I get home.