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  1. Since my post I went up to Paleto Bay, there's plenty of semi's ready for the pickin' up there. Everything in south LS was locked up except the tractors and mostly they run around there without a trailer. Thanks for the response!
  2. I've driven around in big rigs in story mode, but everywhere I looked the other day after jacking a truck, every semi trailer is pin-locked, you can't hook up to them. Maybe this is a new thing since 1.09 I don't know why R* would block the use of the semi-trailers online. I'm a real life "retired" truck driver and find it fun to rip around in the semi's on GTAV.
  3. Alky

    Selling Cars

    Gonna be a slow process I guess. Anyone wanna buy a couple of low mileage muscle cars?
  4. Alky

    Selling Cars

    Does anyone know what the criteria is for selling more than one car in a session? I'm trying to thin out my fleet and move to a crappier neighborhood but after I log into online, I can take one car to LS Customs and they will buy it. If I take a second one, they say they don't need anymore cars. I've logged out, and restarted the game, I've changed sessions and they still refuse anymore cars. Ideas? Thanx.
  5. They took most of the money but all my cars and apartment weren't touched.
  6. Alky

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Really? That's weird LOL Online seems to be under maintenance from 9pm eastern for about 24 hours. I'll have a look when their back up. Gotta get my old school gangsta look happening.
  7. How hard could it be to pull some code from Red Dead and let players kill & skin the animals and sell the skins to a some kind of shop at different locations. It would be good for a few extra bux and would add hunting to the things you can do during free roam.
  8. I was avoiding the Elegy because I thought that how good can it be if it's free! I've added one to my fleet now and it's a rocket and handles well. Got it tricked out a little and she looks good too.
  9. Alky

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Ponsonboys has a rack of ties, but the option to browse isn't there when I walk up to it.
  10. Alky

    GTAO DLC Topic

    For online I'd like to be able to buy property in the northern areas. I'd like to have a smaller apartment or even a trailer like Trevors and be able to buy additional garages. If 10 cars is some sort of limit, then let me break that up on 2 or 3 properties. Why can't I buy ties? I got this mob looking guy with a black suit & fedora, driving a black Caddy with tinted windows, but I need a white tie!!
  11. I've never started out close to him, by the time I get anywhere near, he's already on the move. One of the jobs has two cars you're supposed to repo, I've never had other people with me on these things. I'll try the shotgun thing on him, they seem to come back toward you if you don't keep chasing them.
  12. I find that I can't do anything to stop and capture the repo for Simon. You can crash into it, run it off the road and no matter what it gets away. I've even managed to stop in front of it, jump out and try to grab it, but it pulls away and I'm left standing there. There must be a way to get the moving repo for the Simon job. I've spent as much as an hour racing all over the map trying to nail it down with no luck. What do I need to do besides ignore Simon's jobs? Thanx.
  13. Alky

    Keypad Secret?

    Was on a job with two other guys to repo a couple of cars from a gated mansion, we had to crack the code on the keypad for the front gate to get in and get the cars. One guy finally got fed up and left the mission. The other guy that was left finally got it and we completed the mission. Is there some trick to using the keypad crack?
  14. I'd love it if we could own more than one garage. Having an apartment is great with a however many car garage, but it would be nice to also have a 6 - 10 car garage in some other part of town.
  15. R* must have put a lid on it somehow. I played a new PS3 user account last night for 2 - 3 hours and didn't get any gifted money.
  16. I'm a dunce! I figured it out. For some reason my mind insisted on believing the "Start" button was the "Select" button, I have no idea why I totally forgot about that inventory menu and have never used it. I feel like an idiot and I'm sure you guys were thinking it. It's all good now, thank you so much for all y'all's input!!
  17. Looks like my offline game is still intact just doesn't show anything on the Social Club page. The online seems to be down. I created another account and tried to access online and it didn't work there either.
  18. Well for my Christmas morning gift from Rockstar, all my accounts, online & offline have been zeroed out. I was gifted a lot of money online, I didn't ask for it I just put it in the bank and spent some. This morning even my offline game has been nuked.
  19. Couldn't find anything that says chat. Going into the select menu and holding select just takes you back out of the menu. Thanx for your input Rob.
  20. How does that work? I was standing on the street, another player pulls up in his car and then drives away. Two seconds later, I'm informed that a player gave me $450 million. Huh? How is that done and that fast?? I saw nothing in the menu for transferring cash to another player. I'd like to know how it's done so I can give some of it to someone else (?)
  21. Nope, didn't find it. When I go to "Online" in the map/options menu and click on players, I get a list of current players there's no option to mass mute them, I wish there was. The only work-around I found was to zero out the voice options and just leave the SFX on in the Audio menu.
  22. I wish there was a way to mute the lobby! Muting people individualy is slow and the players keep changing. I hate when suddenly some 12 year old starts making stupid noises or talking wannabe gangbanger trash talk!
  23. Actually I'm on PS3. I found some settings in the main menu and everything was turned on to "allow". I looked through the in-game settings and found nothing that wasn't already "on". Maybe someone with PS3 can tell me what I need to create a crew.(?) Thanx for your help Gunsmith!