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  1. I was typing way to much to break for the tags I do apologize I kinda figured after 2 years everyone has beaten it but like I said sorry.
  2. I'm kinda old school so I am hoping for Niggas With Attitude Fuck da Police
  3. I hope its like Smaug and Not Frodo. I'd be pissed if its like Frodo Props to anyone that can decipher this.
  4. Plus with parachutes jump out of the damn blimp land hop in a car and get the fuck outta dodge
  5. IDC if I die it still be fucking fun as all hell come on you know you want to join in on that fun!
  6. Nah man thats what yo mommy fo! No Imma fly in my blimp dropping grenades and rain death upon people muhahahahahahah
  7. I want to find grenades before I take out the blimp Anyone care to guess why?
  8. Thank you I like the no bullshit sayings. Now who is going to go get that Hotknife out the garage and go pick up that Bullpup use it to make some fucking monay and pimp it the fuck out?
  9. Shit I am paying out the ass for this might as well use it. Its like going and paying 500 bucks for a hooker than sitting up all night playing scrabble with the bitch.
  10. I got the collectors edition be paying if off next week, and than I will be buying the collectors edition of AC4 and Phenom Edition of WWE 2k14 and than I will be getting the Watch Dogs collectors edition Im funemployed with unemployment checks living with mom so yay me I can spend that kindof money on myself
  11. Ya the trademark for bully be nice its been a while and it was a awesome game.
  12. Well I'd assume so you don't just go lets rob US Bank and poof the weapons, the people, and the plans magically appear like some video game. You have to plan, go get the weapons, the right people, case the joint and so on
  13. I had a dream I was in sleeping dogs but for some reason it was set in hawaii went and saw my girlfriend woke up in GTA 5 in hawaii again tried to go see her and a drug dealer was living at her house instead. I need this game or to stop reading weird books
  14. *12 It was actually 15 years shit I didn't even know that. ^Dis niggah said Patriots... :s An of course I did Tom Brady is going to choke harder than Tony Romo in a gay bar. Niners are gonna take this thing all the way baby!