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  1. It wasn't that he was a shit driver it was just the fact that the car fucking bounced off everything. I think half of the reason everyone's shitting themselves is because we're all so used to driving on gta iv. Now we have something different it seems weird. Probably nothing to panic about.
  2. 0% after seeing the leaked gameplay. Fuck I hope it was modded or whatever. Praying.
  3. I've just watched that leaked gameplay video on youtube. As much as I hate to say it, the driving looks shit. It's what's worried me the whole time since the gameplay video was released.
  4. I've been hearing today that there's a chance Amazon pre-orders could come early?? Probably bullshit but I live in hope.
  5. I'll be livid if Amazon don't give me mine on the release day.
  6. Rob the small stores. Build the cash. Invest it. Get better weapons. Then go on to the banks
  7. I too am worried about the driving. It was the one and only thing that I was a bit "uhh fuck" about when I saw the trailers. It looked way too easy and really arcade like. Cheap. I pray it will be fine as it will spoil the game slightly in my opinion.
  8. Yeah the special edition is a GAME exclusive, one of the main reasons I didn't get it, instead got the standard edition from Amazon. I've also pre-ordered the standard with Amazon. Will it definitely come on the release day? I'll be seriously pissed off if it doesn't.
  9. I need this game now. Knowing there's 24 days left makes me want to cry.