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  1. I'm not really into "speed cubing".


    With that said, probably around a minute now. I've thought about investing some time into some advanced techniques like F2L... But yeah, time and patience, maybe with this new 3x3 I'll get around to it. Would be nice to get it down to at least 30 seconds, pretty sure anything below that enters the field of craziness though.

  2. I had a lung function/capacity test last week. They found I have abnormally high-functioning lungs, and almost record-breaking capacity: 7.5 liters.

    Now I'm a pretty short dude who should have pretty short lungs, and I'm a daily smoker (non-tobacco) as well; they repeated every test, just to be double-sure, and the results did not vary.

    How can this be explained? Is it a shitty superpower? Am I Iron Lung Boy?

    Does that mean you could train to sustain breathing under water for a long time? If so, that would be pretty cool.


    The first phone making me want to switch away from Apple...


    meh, it still runs on android. Pass.

    the phone isn't innovative. A lot of storage and a large camera.... yay

    show me a bendy phone. then I'll be impressed.


    If you're going to sit and wait for a company to come up with a phone with a different OS, you might as well just quit.


    Unless of course you'd prefer some unknown piece of software with 0% market share and 0 apps. And it's not like Apple is ever going to open source (in any way shape or form) their latest OS.

  4. It's a sad day when we learn about forum members dying! Unfortunately, it's not the first time. This is a testament to the longevity of this community though, stay strong forum family!


    Condolences to his loved ones, I fondly remember Heartless as a damn good poasterer.



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