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  1. as soon as i watched this i seen it and i couldnt believe i missed it all the other times of watching and why others cant see what PedestrianRiotz is showing everyone, this is great and i hope we can interact with dogs or have at our safehouses as pets, hope the game will be filled with different breeds and all kinds of other animals
  2. it would be hard too ruin the game for me but i would be sad if they dont bring back car mods, more outfits to pick from, shoes,shirts,pants,hats,glasses,tattoos,hair styles, accessories, and animals
  3. i just hope to have a house for a safe house instead of small crapy apartments, and are interactive like change cloths,tv,sleep to save, also think it would be neat to purchase a shop for income and use as a safehouse,
  4. if you watch the trailer, where the homeless guy is holding a sign, in the background you will see a semi with a trailor attached drive by.. so maybe they will bring back hooking up trailors to a semi
  5. i have always wished for cars that have to refill on gas, change rim sizes, be able to sit on furniture where ever, and the biggest thing is where insted of always being shot by cops for crimes, if you get caught running or just let yourself get arrested, you have to spend some time in prison, but in prison you could walk around and interact with mates, lift weights, games, fight, escape prison and get full wanted level, just some ideas that would be fun, maybe in another gta tittle
  6. i too think dupzur thought of a great story, that could very much happen, nice imagination! its hard for me to think of one since i have so many ways i would love to see play out,
  7. i agree, why the delay, they are going to make millons on it no matter when its released so why not get it out now.. i wish they would atleast share new stuff once a week