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  1. I think there should be military bases. I however don't believe they should chase you. Except for the airforce scrambling f- 16s to shoot you down if you are in a plane with a wanted level.
  2. As far as chemtrail conspiracies, NO. Thats just a waist of time, its to boring. But chemtrails and contrails should be apart of the game coming from aircraft, to add to the realism. I hope this time around there are not only a variety of different planes, but also a variety of helicopters. In GTA 4 there were only a few type of helicopters, and they were kind of poorly done. This time around I hope that changes along with being able to pilot planes. A good variety of planes is needed. Such as commercial and private planes ( by private I mean private jets, ect.), also military planes and helicopters. The planes I would like to see (Just a few): Commercial- Boeing (747,767,777,787), airbus (A300,A340), Lockhead- L-1011. Private- Gulfstreams, Cessnas. Military- F-15, F-16, F-22 Raptor, B-2 Bomber, A-10 thunderbolt, AC-130, U-2 ( Maybe drones).
  3. I would like the gam to have a certain realism to it. What i mean by this is certain cars in certain areas. I think rockstar should put in a variety of diffferent cars from luxury , to carppy cars, to nice everyday people cars, to fast cars. I would like to see a wide variety of luxury cars in downtown Los Santos and in the Vinewood hills , In the high end areas like rodeo drive. These luxury vehicles include : Mercedes , Bentleys , Range rovers , Maybachs , Lexus , BMW , Limosines ( many different types ) , Bugattis , audi , aston martin , Ferrari , Jaguar , Porsche , Rolls royce Lamborghini Maserati . The everyday cars should be in areas where middle class people live , these cars should include: Buick , cadalliac , Nissan , Ford , pontiac , Hummer , Mazda , Honda , Suv's , GMC , Lincoln , Jeep , Dodge Crappy cars should be just old beat up cars , They should be in areas classified as the hood, in this area there should also be low riders and donk cars . There should also be tractor trailers on the interstate, and throughout town vehicles with business labels on. Public service cars : Bus , Postal service , FedEx , Newspaper boy delivering newspaper , Cabs Police cars : police cars should be strongly influenced by the real LAPD. Also with a repilca of the LAPD headquarters as the LSPD headquarters.Cars should include: LSPD black & whites - Charger ,Crown vic , impala , cheverloet tahoe , truck , prisoner transport van , bus , &Patty wagon . Unmarked - Charger , crown vic , Cheverlot Tahoe , ect... Swat (SRT) vehicles , mobile command , helicopters , 3 different state police cars , 2 different FBI cars . Also homeland security vehicles . As for ambulances 3 different types , 3 different type of fire trucks. Coast guard vehicles and helicopters , as well as boats. Other vehicles such as California transportation department road side assisstance vehicles , and tow trucks.