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  1. Are you saying only white people are organized enough for organized high class crime? yes infact i am then your a proud american
  2. I don't care how old you are, it's just no one can understand your posts due to your terrible spelling, grammar and sentence structure. ahahahahahahahaha
  3. it shuld be like saints row 2's safehouses there wasnt too many nor too little but i kinda liked havin loads of safehouses
  4. *not right Now again in english. Translation to english: Speculation leads us to believe that the voice in the trailer is that of the protagonist. Despite this, some believe it's merely a red herring, and is really just the story of another character in the game. A good example of this would be if in GTA IV they made a small monologue of Jimmy P; This wouldn't necessarily mean he is the protagonist. I believe it's just the background story of a key character in game. I highly doubt we will be playing a character that is obese and old that has the ability to workout in the gym or get tattoos; It's just not right. thank you for your assistance
  5. the guy hus speakin in the tralier most ppl think dat he is the protag but how dyu kno it culd just be a story about someone hu appears in the game like lets say in gta 4 they culd of made a narration for jimmy pegerino but it doesnt mean that u wuld play him i believe its just a story of a character in the game no way r we gunna be a fat old guy hu can go to the gym and get tats over his body its just noright *not right
  6. just wana be a young black guy wif my homeys BOOM! whizzkid out peace!!!