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  1. "Middle east" is middle eastern Asia, like in north America we call the middle states the mid west. It's more of a name for the region. It is still within the continent of Asia. South America, central America and north America are usually called America when referring to the entire region, but I understand what your getting at. According to this Pakistan and Afghanistan are not in the "middle east"
  2. I said China/Asia. Last I checked the Himalayas ran through parts of China, but I'm not sure. Also, isn't Pakistan and Afghanistan Asia too? My point is, that was some shitty looking smoke and Asia actually has a lot of world famous strains.
  3. A guy I know is staying in China through a exchange student program. There is weed all over. The indica strain originated from China/Asia. You've obviously never heard of Vietnamese gold I assume.
  4. Lol Wtf is that shit? Stems leaves and seeds? Lol! I tripped fucking balls yesterday. I ate 6 grams of closed cap cubensis and met other dimensional beings/aliens/Angels. Blew my mind.
  5. I agree. At 1st I didnt care, until I saw the trailer. Then it was a whole year of exitement, that slowly wore off until trailer 2 but that hyped died and reincarnated into gameinformers Dec issue. That was a sexual explosion of gta info but the afterglow wore off fast. At least we have a release date to get us to the finish line
  6. lol. i love you. <3 a ) yah lets make them rush the game and release it unfinished and gltichy. good idea b ) No its not. Rushed? The released the trailer a year and a half ago. The game is probably finished by now. This delay is purely economic. I dont know maybe to raise hype? Did you think that one through? Release a trailer two years before a release date for a game that is already hyped? Who wasn't excited about gta 5 before the trailer... tbh me and a couple of friends, after we saw the 1st trailer we started getting hyped, so there. Also look at the YouTube 1st trailer. Last time i checked it was around 25 million views. More than any other video game trailer that i know.
  7. Seriously though, its almost spring. Don't you thinkR* would at the least give a release date within a 3 month window so more peoole are aware of gta5?
  8. I dont know maybe to raise hype? Did you think that one through?
  9. Haha we got a date but have to wait a little longer than expected. I actually knew the date within the week so this isent news to me. Maybe if i could post status updates or make a thread I could shed some light
  10. i smoke pot because it gives me knowledge-san andreas npc i believe there was another....
  11. True but thats also stereotyping- i used to think people who said they use pot for medical reasons were just liars trying to get a legal high, that is until i got in a car accident and started using medical reasons. 1st thing the docters did was try to shove pills down my throat. Almost any pill makes me violently sick. even an asprin. So pot is the only alternative with positive side effects. I also have gluacoma and it lowers the presssure. So from my experiences and others who are "legal" pot really is a "painkiller" because it stops the pain and pressure like nothing else can for me. I have a cannabis book from the 70's. Almost everything stated as a fact in that book is age old propaganda and misinformation or opinion. Pot being used as medicine was just being questioned. Amazing to think now 2 states are legal.
  12. well some states legislatures are thinking about pushing legal cannabis-like here in oregon. Some states governments believe pot is so benificial(again like here in oregon)that they want to push legal pot bills themselves for countless benifits instead of waiting another 2 years for another state-wide initaitive. In fact, my states legislature will be taking action as soon as janurary and Paul Stanford of Measure 80 will be reassembling a commitee in feburary. The way i see it most states will feel obsolete and primitive compared to legal states-pushing to nationwide legalization. Who could turn down the 65+mil dollars saved in law enforcement and 150+million dollars in tax revenue alone? I doubt nobody. Also 4 or 5 surveys have been done in the last 2 months-all of which show americans are in favor of cannabis legalization around 56-48% i believe but i could be wrong.
  13. Really crappy weed. The type of stuff you see kids outside malls smoking. It full of stalks and shit and isn't really potent who in their right minds would buy that shit then? id slap a kid if he tried to sell me that shit. I get my ganja from growers so i guess ive never seen this "mall weed". And by stalks i imagine you mean stems? again who would buy stems-and yeah stems arnt that potent, you are not supposed to smoke them
  14. well its about damn time people with ps3's can get their hands on SA. From what i understand it will be the exact same gta sa for ps2-just updated controller scheme, faster loading and from what ive heard an hd graphic update. Im not going to buy something i already own(ps2&360) The only thing i have noticed diffrent from ps2-360 versions is 360 loads faster.
  15. my friend found farcry 2 in his little brothers room and brought it over for me to try. At first i thought it wasent bad, until i would randomly die from malaria. the map was big but not very detailed and took forever to get around and i found myself bored 1/2 way to my destination. Far cry 3 looks good but ill probably wait until its 20 bucks. Christmas is coming up and im broke and there is better games i have my sights on.
  16. my guess would be something along the lines of every store having a deal of their own. Gamestop bestbuy and amazon will probably each have their own in-game car or outfit, similar to how RE6 did their mercenaries promo- each store had their own unique map. We would all probably have to wait until a "game of the year" edition is made to get all pre-order content in one,similar to FO-NV Ultimate edition
  17. yeah hong kong was an interesting place to explore-for like 15 minutes, then i realized that the game was mostly copy paste copy paste. And its too bad too because it felt like that game had potential to be pretty good
  18. Ive been having extremely lucid dreams ever since ive been taking St. johns pills, and the other night was an all night hardcore "nightmare" So its me my girlfriend and our friend renae and for some reason we are in a multi-story hotel when a zombie outbreak occurs. i had a gun and plenty of ammo but the zombies would only die with a head shot and it was hard to pull off. And the whole time i was practically babysitting the two girls like locking doors behind them and protecting them. It was intense just due to the length of the dream. it was an all nighter and when i awoke i was kinda sweaty and drained feeling. Pretty intense shit
  19. just bringing up the point, anyways lets see some good .onion conspiracy sites
  20. lol Tor? Too much CP in there. know wonder you guys are so fucked in the head XDDD I have been on TOR, i belive i made a thead on it before. Really an interesting place, last frontier of the internet for once i can say use the search bar before posting XD
  21. This part has some interesting info, do you have the link to that article? There is no a lead platform, they are developing the game at the same time in both PS3 and XBOX360 this is the the only thing that has me interested..... most people claimed the base platform was ps3.....
  22. Plenty of boats and hoes. nuff said take my mohnay!
  23. C'mon, I need a chance to use all these guns for something other than target practice. That would be hardcore, considerin america has the largest population of gun owners