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  1. breaking bad is fucking awesome
  2. badass show, watched the first 3 seasons on netflix. definitely one of the best I've seen in a while.
  3. I used to be a somewhat avid smoker. But it made me lazy as hell, got too expensive, and when you have a good job that does random tests... priorities take over. And I sure as hell don't want to lose my job for smoking weed. Don't get me wrong, every now and then I love rippin a heeb then playin some music.
  4. Mattay


    I got two tats, one on my left arm with a bald eagle holding a skull in its talons, with a banner of my state motto "live free or die." And on my right arm I have a guitar with a banner running through it saying "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me?" (lyrical opening to free bird). May get more, I want a backpiece. Fuckin expensive shit though.
  5. I spent this morning playing SA. Maybe I'll actually get 100%
  6. That's sweet, post a pic. I bet that 440 wails.
  7. did you not see the strobe light? why thank you sir
  8. you gotta keep your eyes closed or else the deceiving strobe light will get ya
  9. A couple of my buddy's and I get together and jam at least three times a week, don't matter what we play, as long as we kick out some tasty mothafuckin jams. Here we're playing The Needle and the Spoon by Skynyrd. With a little extra strobe light love. I'm the picker in the Hendrix shirt, check out the other jams we got.
  10. Mattay

    What Up!

    whats happenin' dude
  11. Mattay

    PSN network...

    Yeah I just ended up making a new username. Pisses me off, I got pretty far on Call of Duty
  12. Mattay

    PSN network...

    Can't get to me email to reset it lad!
  13. Mattay

    PSN network...

    Nope, it just tells me I need to reset my password and an email has been sent to [email protected] with furthur instruction.
  14. Alrighty, so I guess some real 1337 interweb kings hacked the PSN network eh? And I guess it's been down for the last month or whatever, well I hear it ain't no more and I'd like to get on. The only problem is now that the network's been "reset" or whatever I've got to change the password to my account. An email is sent to your default email you signed up with with info to reset your password. Problem is the email address associated with my PSN name is long gone. Does anyone know of anyway I can change my password another way, or even bypass it completely? I wish I was cool and leet enough to hack the PSN network for the lolz.