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  1. Billboards looks the same but the surroundings don't quite match....I'm sure they are similar billboards at two different places just like the 'apt for sale' signs.Nevertheless great effort matching the billboards though.
  2. The ground clearance of the car in Trevor screenshot seems to be more than the lcpd cop car
  3. Also I would like to imagine what would happen if you switch the character when he is in a life threatening situation just like in the previews when they left Trevor amidst the sharks
  4. http://gamingbolt.co...length-and-more Here they mentioned about not being able to change when u have a wanted level. But rock star is still working on it. Not sure if the source is legit. I'll let u to figure that out
  5. Has anyone mentioned Trevor wearing a headset while flying in his trailer?? He wasn't wearing in trailer 2
  6. Lol bend over seriously? Well I can assure you I would be extra careful from now on to make sure I am not repeating something that's been mentioned . It was an honest mistake
  7. Found this while watching the trailer of Michael. It's just after the man who jumps from the balcony and Michael runs after him to look down from the balcony. I'm not sure how Franklin appeared in there
  8. At 1:27 in the trailer , Trevor seems to be wearing some sort of an earpiece maybe while on top of the train. Although I'm not too sure about this