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  1. Michael goes to a shrink; a rebel daughter, a conflicting son...I see much of Tony Soprano in him I'm gonna love the parts with Michael and his son.
  2. I hope they make a modern version of the lasso from RDR, or something that will help me bind people and hijack them, put em in the trunk, leave them on the train tracks, or toss them off a plane. In order to make it believable, there's gotta be a melee move that lets just just knock people out without killing them.
  3. So, seeing as the first trailer depicted Michael's view of life, is it safe to asume that the next trailer will be narrated from Trevor's point of view, and the next one from Franklins'?
  4. Yeah possibly. Here's the rest, anyone think they can match these to any of the faces we've seen so far: I think the actress described there might be that blonde being arrested; from the artwork.
  5. Haven't posted in a GTA forum since launched years ago. Just dropping by to say I did the happy dance like a bitch when I read about the release date. Already clearing some months in my 2013 schedule for doing nothing but playing the shit out of this. (And hoping it's nothing like GTA-IV).