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  1. I've been watching out for this since the chatter began a few days before the first announcement, and I can't wait. Excited when I heard it was being developed by Naughty Dog as been a fan of the Uncharted series, so for me they're one of the few game companies who I'd look out for new games from. Seen most if not all of the video's that have been released since and each one has done nothing to deter me from wanting to pre-order it. Interesting few thing are the fact that the secondary character Ellie will act independently of the main character Joel, as seen in one of the video's, so should be good to be able to concentrate on the enemies you are facing rather than having to go back and lead your companion to where you need them to be, and the non-regeneration of health too is going to be a nice change, means being more tactical but also with being able to play the game in different ways your going to want to go back and re-play it I imagine.
  2. This has a Next Gen look to it, not saying it's going to be delayed that much, but it certainly looks like it's going to be the one of the best games on the PS3 and maybe even on the X-Box too. On one of the trailers at Comic Con (or maybe gameplay footage itself I can't remember) after the hit goes down and the character escapes from the crashed cars it went to another character being ordered to watch over them, makes you wonder if that is a multiplayer aspect or whether your actually playing as different characters.
  3. I'm fully expecting that a few developers and studios will be working on early builds of games awaiting the kits for the next gen consoles. If you look at the two Batman games from Rocksteady as an example, with their last game being released last year you'd say any follow up (which seems unlikely as Arkham City is supposedly the last one) would be late 2013. Would expect then that they will be working on something for the next gen consoles, Batman or not and would be a good chance for them to get out the blocks early with a decent game, and given the reviews of their last two games they are certainly very popular among both gamers and reviewers. What I personally would like to see if less reliance on old franchises, more new franchises, fresh ideas/titles, the next generation consoles , certainly the PS3 and WII, have the opportunity to make big leaps forwards, the PS3 with regards to the screen resolution and graphics quality, and for the Wii maybe a final understanding of having to get on terms with their competitors to not be left behind with games that seem to aim only for the younger market and families and seem to ignore the core of gamers.
  4. Thanks Thanks gtagrl Now we have grandma and grandpa. You're not that far behind us !!
  5. As someone that uses the Glitchspot *ahem* I mean Gamespot forums, you don't know illiteracy until you look at some of the dumb bastards clogging up there with their unerring display of a complete and utter lack of intelligence and the complete and utter lack of any ability to string more than three words together without making some lazy attempt at using text speak rather than proper spelling. Yes I am a grammar sometimes
  6. I'm Jim and I'm an Alcoholic .... oh fuck AA forum is the next link... shit.... *cough* I'm Jim, I'm 40 and from the Wirral, UK (the bit between Liverpool and North Wales) and I'm originally from Liverpool. I've been around for ages, from the old Red Dead forums, and the Rockstar Network site through toRockstar Spy and now here. I've been gaming I guess since about 1984 (first games I played were on the old ZX81, and have been playing the Playstation since the original console.
  7. Just Some Correction The stories take place at different location culminating in the final part/s of the main three stories finishing in China (so far as we know), There are five confirmed separate stories to play Chris Redfield (and his companion Piers Nivans), Leon Kennedy (and his companion Helen Harper), Jake Muller (and his partner Sherry Birkin), Ada Wong (solo story unlocked after finishing the main three run throughs), and the Prelude (which I assume is unlocked after finishing Ada's story. The three companions are playable if your playing co-op. The main three stories cross over so at some points two different stories merge and you will have for example Leon and Sherry teamed up, and Jake and Helen teamed up.
  8. OmenUK

    WWE 13!

    I 've been buying the WWE games since the PS1 when it was still the WWF but last years (WWE 12) I absolutely hated, probably the worst game for me in the whole series, never liked the controls one bit, I doubt I'll be bothering with WWE 13, attitude era roster additions or not.
  9. OmenUK

    Sleeping Dogs

    I've been playing it most of today and have to confirm Samurai_tbag's review as being very very accurate, only thing I would add is that there is no way to change the difficulty level so if your struggling on one specific mission you either have to keep going until you manage to complete it, or quit and lose any progress, not that far in but had this problem once, and imagine it will be a recurring problem the more the story progresses and while I understand the need to not make everything overly easy to complete seems like some are too easy while others are too difficult. I actually had heard of a few of the Western song's on the radio BUT the majority of more well known are really old songs (25-35 years old) and while the choice is eclectic there's seemingly very little choice for those not into asian music.