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  1. shoot the ufo and then hijacke the flying sausaucer and scare the pepole away and blow up the military base and get a hydra and fly to an aircraftcarrier still llike th ufo desert thing
  2. :jumpy:UFOS on your tail at night and sniper missions at green forests
  3. Why not aircraft like The ones in SR3 with all the vtols and helicopters and shit
  4. Most original trolling style yet. Cock-knocker.

  5. How About snowaffecting air traffic like when ot snows tou cannot takeoff and you willsee themachines collecting tbe snow and mabie you could hijacked abig boeuing and fly toto another city or crash intho Nother arline and get it to break up in the air or go intho the control rower and give aircraft and mabie mame them cash intho eAchother and make air craft land
  6. private airports ad hRbors wit Mega yacts wAiting to be hijacked and i wizh you could also lower thetenders and toys on the boat or how about air raft arriers onthe coast or distroiairccadestroyers