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  1. Because of his retarded stage name and the retarded title of his song, I hope not. I just looked up the song, and I have to agree. It's O.K. by Modern Rap's standards, but very mediocre when compared too better Hip Hop. Personally I'd hope for some better shit then this for the rap station. But I haven't heard a good song in ages, I just hope Rockstar digs up something good. Mediocre?? It's complete shit! Reminds me of Waka Flocka except this guy has an IQ maybe 10 points higher. I personally wouldn't mind the song featuring in GTA 5 for that modern feel and some 50 cent songs and The Game (Rapper), but I would also like that underground rap too.
  2. A rapper called chief keef has said that his song 'Love Sosa' will be in GTA 5, do you think it is true.
  3. why are white people so similar to prokaryotes

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    2. Qdeathstar


      They both hate honkys.

    3. Massacre


      The funny thing is that we've had a lot of black members over the years, and this kid is the only one who's been a bitch about us saying 'honky.'

    4. whiz97


      and i shall continue mr bacteria

  4. Thank you, you're the guy i have been waiting for but i would hope to be a hispanic rockstar havent really had any protags of that ethnicity and it would be interesting.
  5. i would rather rent some white trash i love it when they fight back too
  6. I'm black does this make you mad bro?

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    2. whiz97


      being white is like being bacteria

    3. Rayge


      I'll accept that statement once you go out in public and say that instead of acting tough on your computer because you can't do shit anywhere else

    4. whiz97


      the hypocrisy is on high

  7. what do you all think of the watch dogs gameplay and trailer
  8. Anti Cracker Machine

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    2. whiz97


      its a racist term and if i have to be prepared then whys it such an issue when i return the favour

    3. gtagrl


      There is no issue, except for you perhaps.

    4. whiz97


      i don't care i'll continue my hate for the trash and crackers