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    Drop the black strength bonus for agility. Only Ving Rhames, Michael Clark Duncan, Terry Crews, and that guy from Friday are strong, the rest are just fast.
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    Oh yes, I remember the topic you made. Did you ever end up liking the game at any point?
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    Pretty much. R* basically nailed the proper GTA formula with a different theme. RDR is a masterpiece.
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    Yep, I hate those so much. They litter every page of the internet. I use Shellfish to block them in Chrome: http://open-bits.com/shellfish/
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    Ferris wheel sniping, so I agree.
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    Yeah, body disposal should be an important part of the game, killing people without immediately building up a wanted level. Also, if you kill a lone cop without anyone else seeing it, why do you still automatically get a wanted level? They need to fix that. Someone should have to call 911 or find a cop before you get a wanted level. When someone calls the police, the search radius circle should pop up immediately, but if you leave the area before a cop shows up, you don't get the wanted level. I just want a lot more realism when dealing with the police. And of course, I'd like a little more customization. I don't want anything ridiculous like the San Andreas customization, I just want some reasonable options for my character's hair, facial hair, and tattoos, in addition to the clothing options, which I felt were reasonable in IV. I would like the next game to take place somewhere warmer though, so I'll have clothing options beyond coats and army surplus rags from Serbia.
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    Get a screen cap then resize it, then add it as an image in your sig instead. Maybe you could have more quotes that way. Just an idea. @TF
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    GameArena Interview - LA Noire - Jeronimo Barrera and Brendan McNamara
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    Every time I masturbate over see that pic, I always think of this one:
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    See, I wasn't going crazy ^ Also - L.A. Noire gets the Australian rating of: classification.gov.au You lucky b*****ds!
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    What's going on here then?
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    What does this one remind you of?