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There are a total of 50 Spaceship Parts to collect in GTA V to unlock the "From Beyond The Stars" Achievement/Trophy and obtain 100%. In order to start collecting these, you have to finish the mission, "Fame or Shame". While playing as Franklin, there should be a question mark on your map in Sandy Shores. You will meet a strange fella that goes by the name, Omega. He wants you to collect Spaceship Parts from a crashed UFO.

It doesn't matter which character you use to collect them after initiating the quest. Trevor's piloting skills do come in handy on some of them so keep that in mind. So without further delay, let's get right to it!

CLICK ON THE IMAGES for a better view. and CLICK on the image to the right to see the entire map of collectibles.

Spaceship Part 1

Los Santos International Airport
Behind the Hangars on the Southermost part of the Airport.

Spaceship Part 2

South Los Santos
Right next to the Watts Towers.

Spaceship Part 3

Port of Los Santos
On top of the pipe that connects 2 giant tanks at this location.

Spaceship Part 4

Port of Los Santos
The part is underwater. Can't miss it if you're near the spot on the map.

Spaceship Part 5

East Los Santos
Inside the drainage gate.

Spaceship Part 6

Palamino Highlands
On top of the middle rock structure in this area.

Spaceship Part 7

East Los Santos
Inside a green shipping container.

Spaceship Part 8

East Los Santos
It's in the middle of a catwalk above the water.

Spaceship Part 9

South Lost Santos
On top of the Hospital, next to the helipad.

Spaceship Part 10

South Los Santos
Underneath the highway, in the Hobo Town.

Spaceship Part 11

On the top of the Vodka Billboard on top of Liqour Hole.

Spaceship Part 12

Backlot City
On top of a building at the movie lot. Use large staircase in the middle next to all the cameras.

Spaceship Part 13

At the Golf Course, on the island in the Southernmost pond.

Spaceship Part 14

In the empty pool on the rooftop. Use a Helicopter or Parachute in.

Spaceship Part 15

Approaching from the East, take the left under the building. The part is by the bushes.

Spaceship Part 16

Grab a Helicopter, it's on top of the Penris building.

Spaceship Part 17

This one is in the underground tunnel. Use the entrance a block west on the Highway.

Spaceship Part 18

Down a Market Street, next to the Bean Machine.

Spaceship Part 19

Tataviam Mountains
Underneath the Pier.

Spaceship Part 20

Tataviam Mountains
At the bottom of the giant pipes.

Spaceship Part 21

Tataviam Mountains
On the Northern side of the arch.

Spaceship Part 22

San Chianski Mt. Range
Underneath the surface, in the Northeastern end of the cave.

Spaceship Part 23

Sandy Shores
At the top of the Hippie Rock.

Spaceship Part 24

Sandy Shores
Underwater, in the middle of the Bay leading out to the Alamo Sea.

Spaceship Part 25

Sandy Shores
On the West Side of the Rock Formation.

Spaceship Part 26

Grand Senora Desert
Climb the Satellite on the West side of the group.

Spaceship Part 27

Grand Senora Desert
Behind the Blue Boat.

Spaceship Part 28

Great Chaparral
Behind the Rundown House.

Spaceship Part 29

Grand Senora Desert
In front of the Weclome Banner.

Spaceship Part 30

Great Chapparal
At the bottom of the Cliff right next to the road.

Spaceship Part 31

Vinewood Hills
Get a Helicopter. Land on top of the Circular Tower.

Spaceship Part 32

Vinewood Hills
In the water, right near the center of the Dam Wall.

Spaceship Part 33

Vinewood Hills
Next to the Dome on the East side of the Observatory.

Spaceship Part 34

Tongva Valley
On the South side of the Bridge, at the foot of the Waterfall.

Spaceship Part 35

Tongva Hills
Down a Row of Grapes. Approach from the East.

Spaceship Part 36

Banham Canyon
Follow the Stream from the road on the East. Look for a Cave on the North Side of the Steam.

Spaceship Part 37

Vinewood Hills
Next to the Tree in the Center of the Parking Lot.

Spaceship Part 38

Banham Canyon
In the Backyard.

Spaceship Part 39

Mount Josiah
Underneath the Wooden Bridge.

Spaceship Part 40

Mount Josiah
By the River Bank.

Spaceship Part 41

Mount Josiah
Near the peak on the first set of Cliffs in the area.

Spaceship Part 42

Raton Canyon
Below the Bridge on a Rocky Island.

Spaceship Part 43

Raton Canyon
Get in a Helicopter and SAVE by the Bridge. This could take a few tries to Land on the Bridge's Support Beam underneath the Bridge.

Spaceship Part 44

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
On top of the Giant Rock.

Spaceship Part 45

Paleto Forest
Underneath the Bridge on the Dirt Path.

Spaceship Part 46

Paleto Bay
On the Third Story of the Structure.

Spaceship Part 47

Mount Chiliad
Inside the Barn.

Spaceship Part 48

Mount Chiliad
Inside the Barn at the Marijuana Farm.

Spaceship Part 49

San Chianski Mountain Range
Inside the Barn with the Boat next to it.

Spaceship Part 50

In the middle of the Cow Pasture.

After collecting all of the parts, a new Mission will pop up called, "The Final Frontier". At the end of the cutscene, Omega leaves you his modified BF Injection, the "Space Docker", as a reward for collecting all of the Spaceship Parts.

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    But it goes pew! pew! pew!
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    All that effort for worlds shitest car
  • BadgerMom27 (Guest) January 07, 2017
    The METRO station at Rockford Hills is next to the Rockford PLAZA in front of the AUGURY INSURANCE.
  • BadgerMom27 (Guest) January 07, 2017
    In the METRO tunnel Rockford Hills, go down and go toward to right in the towards the first ,,under construction,, station. Go up on the stairs, and the SPACESHIP PART will be on the left, behind the orange ,,wall,,.
  • JoRD (Guest) September 26, 2015
    Yep #43 use attack buzzard, purchase one from military, you can land the buzzard right next to the space ship part on bridge lol
  • spacedockerpro (Guest) March 01, 2015
    actually if you use the b
    uzzard for #43 its not that hard I got it on the first try
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 11, 2014
    Rockstar has not even hinted at the Space Docker coming to GTA Online.
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    So when get the space docker car will it be available in gta online
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    Converted all images to .jpg for faster loading.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 24, 2013
    Tip for #43: If you try to land at the spaceship part or one of the higher openings your parachute will catch the bridge and you'll fall out. Aim for the second or third opening from either support (try to come in on an angle so your character doesn't stumble off). Then run up to the part.
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