New GTA V Screenshot (and Info!) from ShortList

Posted by TreeFitty via JamieMilne November 07, 2012 : 18 Comments : 18,627 Views

Random screenshot is random.

ShortList, a UK magazine, has publshed a never-before-seen screenshot of Grand Theft Auto V in their latest magazine and online:

Official HD image added January 4, 2013

It appears to be our back-country friend seen on a quad in recent artworks. He's riding a lifeguard version of a Speedophile around Del Perro Pier (Pleasure Pier) while firing an uzi. We can say with minimal doubt that he is also the one firing at police in this screenshot from August:

GTA 5 firing at police helicopter

The screenshot is to help promote their GTA V collector's item giveaway here.

Be on the look out for more random screenshots to pop up in different places - and in Game Informer tomorrow! Thanks to JamieMilne for the heads-up!

Hold up!

We've also just been pointed to this picture revealing something very interesting...

Shortlist GTA V info
Click for full size

"The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who moved there for a fresh start. But, as in The Godfather Part III - just as as he thought he was out, they pulled him back in."

So, one protagonist? Tell us what you think below and in the forums! Thanks to Ovren and Nas299 for the pic!

Another update

Shortlist has removed the screenshot and replaced it with the LSPD helicopter screenshot. Maybe SL will have a job opening soon!

Comments (18)

  • Sam (Guest) November 08, 2012
    I'm a lifeguard, why don't I get a jet ski :-(... Don't have a uzi either.
  • LSkorpion (Guest) November 08, 2012
    I actually don't like the character in that screenshot for our character, i prefer the old guy in the trailer... :/

    But I love the uzi :D
  • -GODFATHER- (Guest) November 08, 2012
    You guys sure thats Del Perro Pier? Could be another one maybe
  • IIx_WH3L4N_xII (Guest) November 08, 2012
    If it was Tommy, they would need a new voice actor, whatshisname was pissed that he got paid the same as everyone else who voice acted in Vice City and more or less despises Rockstar now, so it wouldn't be him
    Ray Loitta or something was his name I think

    But Florida/Vice City is on the East Coast guys, doesn't have to be new york XD
  • Extreme Gaming (Guest) November 08, 2012
    nice screenshot...awesome!!!
  • Golly Jee (Guest) November 08, 2012
    I just can't shake a feeling that it's Tommy.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 08, 2012
    Added the higher quality version of the page scan.
  • Albert De la Silva (Guest) November 08, 2012
    this guy is the same that is on top of an ATV, should probably be the character played by Ned Luke, in one of the screenshots on the plane the night, you can see Albert de Silva with a goatee if you look good, it is a sign that beard grown during the game, in addition to haircuts, you can go bald, hair and bald Crecera leaving this formation until all the hair that grows.
  • majorrambo4 (Guest) November 08, 2012
    funny… usually you guys say not to believe things like this and that their not true until rockstar confirms this, what makes this different to any of the other articles people talk about?
  • IIx_WH3L4N_xII (Guest) November 08, 2012
    Oh btw, look at the guys hairline, that looks like the ned-luke guy, I fucking hope he isnt the protag, he looks like a fucking pedo with no clothing sense.
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