Grand Theft Auto V Retail Item Round-Up

Posted by TreeFitty November 01, 2012 : 37 Comments : 35,360 Views

Quick note: As this is being typed, more and more pictures keep coming in. We'll try to keep this updated.

Where do we begin? How about the first artwork to be leaked out... About a week ago on October 27th a photo of a supposed GTA V retail item was posted online and spread like wildfire. The image showed multiple artworks on a single piece of paper including the first official artwork and a thug with a baseball bat holding back a mean-looking rottweiler. We here at were skeptical as usual for various reasons but even if it was fan art it would have been awesome fan art. The PC logo was noticeably absent. The other major thing about these images was the "Spring 2013" release date - something we had begun to expect at that point:

GTA 5 first retail artwork leak

Not too long after that on October 30th, more photos of supposed GTA V promotional items with new artworks were leaked out. They showed a female cop arresting another female, a man with a big gun on an ATV, and the first official artwork again:

GTA 5 more retail artworks leak

Later on the 30th Rockstar Games finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V would release in Spring 2013 and confirmed that they were focused on the console versions of the game - leaving many PC fans wondering what would become of a PC version.

Since then more and more photos of promotional items have been making their way online. The first customers to pre-order GTA V on November 5th can expect to get their hands on picture viewers featuring exclusive screenshots:

GTA 5 picture viewers

GTA 5 picture viewer screenshots
Click for full size. UPDATE: Better quality pics in the forums here.

The previous artworks have also been shown as temporary box arts on disc cases:

GTA 5 temporary box arts

GTA 5 temporary box arts
Click for full size

Game Informer, whose GTA V preview is coming on November 8th, has also released high resolution versions of the thug and female cop artworks:

GTA 5 female cop and robberGTA 5 thug with dog
Click for full size

Now, the real icing on the cake is this letter that seems to be coming with all of these promotional items:

GTA 5 letter to retailers

So the question is: Will there be a GTA V Trailer #2 tomorrow? It will be one whole year since the first trailer released...

UPDATE: Rockstar Games has confirmed on the newswire that Hurricane Sandy has caused a power outage at their NYC office. This has delayed trailer #2:

GTA 5 trailer 2 delayed

The pictures continue to be posted in the Grand Theft Auto 5 forums! Join the discussions! Big thanks to our forum members for finding pics and even taking their own!

Comments (37)

  • M€m€ (Guest) November 05, 2012
    Rockstar you are the best man!! I play since I was 7 i remember me. My first game was gta 2. I wish you good luck for the next game gta 5 and other games. Please never fails to make such great games.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 05, 2012
    Go back today? They probably gave away all the ones they had already.
  • LESAN (Guest) November 05, 2012
    I pre ordered my game on Nov 4, at gamestop. All i got was a poster? Any ideas how i can get my hands on the other goodies?
  • tom-sol96 (Guest) November 05, 2012
    @TreeFitty well thats to bad in the netherlands there no store's white posters and photo viewers or it still have to come mostly wen things come out in the netherlands its already on the market in america
  • SNIP3R (Guest) November 05, 2012
    just got my pre-order but i only got the poster. there were no more picture viewers. i can't wait for this game.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 05, 2012
    You have to go to your local retail or game store to pre-order. The stores are the ones with the posters and other items.
  • tom (Guest) November 04, 2012
    i am dutch where is this pre-order ting where you can get a poster en stuff at ? because in holland there is nothing update
  • stevenstadick (Guest) November 04, 2012
    just pre orderd my gta V woooo I gotta sweet poster and the black lense thing it shows the city in the background and its called Vespucci Canals HELL YEA so excited.
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) November 04, 2012
    ...From my last comment: Before I read that letter from the article about the retail item roundup, I never knew they were planning to release a 2nd trailer. They never said anything about b4 they posted the article on Nov. 1st. When I saw that Sandy delayed it, that's when I found out about the new trailer. All I know is, I'm delighted to know they had one planned for us. Just cant wait to see it now.
  • Yoha (Guest) November 04, 2012
    Oh no~~~
    The 2nd Trailer~~

    So now, since Sandy has been gone, it should be come out soon, right?
    Can not wait for it!
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