HEIST: The Bureau Raid

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The FIB agents want their favorite puppets to do one last huge favor for them or else everyone is screwed.

Rewards: Lots and lots of money (Franklin), None (Michael)
Protagonists: Michael, Franklin

Cleaning out the Bureau

Lester is upstairs prepared for the agents' arrival. It doesn't look like his factory is set up to make anything which is good because that makes it not suspicious in today's world. Michael says Trevor is giving him issues because of the Brad thing. Lester is putting the Union Depository heist on hold since they need Trevor. Dave Norton runs up the stairs and tells Michael it's getting bad. Michael dismisses the agent who cried wolf but Norton says he could go to jail and Michael could get shot. Steve Haines comes up and explains that the IAA is onto them and people in the FIB are questioning him. The agents need to find out what evidence the other FIB agents have. Lester can't hack into the system so they need to get in the FIB building itself. In return Haines promises to delete all of Michael's files. Michael says this is the very last thing they will do for the agents. They all exit the building and go their separate ways.

Get in your car and drive to the FIB building parking lot entrance on the lower roadway. Lester wants to get in the building by convincing a janitor to get on their side. They are going to wait for a certain janitor named Harvey to leave the building. Lester gets his license plate. Pull up to the parking garage and wait for the car with the correct license plate to leave. Focus in on the plates to check them. While they wait Lester thinks after this Michael will be killed by the agents or get killed during some other task they make him do. Michael agrees. He may be able to delete his own files himself while raiding the building. Lester messages Haines to get a needed budget for this job.

The target will be a red 4 door that exits fourth. When it's spotted follow the janitor a few car lengths back. Don't get too close. Since he's a good citizen he'll stop at every red light. Lester will say Haines okayed the budget to do the job. When the janitor gets home they'll need his ID card and likely his overalls. Lester is pretty sure he'll cooperate if others have the same opinion about Steve Haines.

Near the mall the janitor pulls into his driveway. Lester says to stop down the road a little bit. After the janitor exits his car get out and start heading over without getting too close. The janitor chats with his neighbor real quick and walks around the right side. Follow him. He'll go up a set of stairs and enter his apartment. Go up and walk in. In a cutscene Michael enters the apartment and tells Harvey he is going to take paid vacation. Harvey works two jobs and doesn't seem to care. Michael takes his overall and ID card. He also makes sure Harvey knows he means business before walking out.

Get back in your car and take Lester back to the garment factory. Lester called Franklin to meet them at the factory. There are no digital plans of the offices that Lester can find so he'll need Franklin to tail the architect and get hard copies. Lester needs the plans since there's hundreds of millions of dollars worth of security to bypass. When you arrive at the factory Franklin is already there. Go up to the office.

Franklin is waiting inside. After some relationship discussions Lester tells the two that they need to do some more recon of the FIB building. Franklin is told to tail the architect named Chip Peterson so he leaves. Without much else to discuss Michael also leaves.


  • This mission is pretty straight forward. Harvey is the fourth car and don't get too close to him. You can get quite close when he is walking to his apartment.
  • You need to focus in on the car or else you'll be stuck sitting there and lose him.


  • Eagle Eye - Check all license plates.
  • He Missed a Spot - Follow the janitor without being spotted.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 09:00.

Architect's Plans

Not too long after getting the Janitor's clothing and ID card, Franklin will message Michael that he is on to something with the architect. SWITCH to Franklin (you can't be using Franklin already) who is at the Mile High Club construction site in Downtown LS. He'll be on the phone with Michael who tells him to not screw it up. You are told to follow the architect and get the plans. Walk into the site and a worker will tell Franklin he needs a hardhat which is then tossed over. The architect will exit his car and start walking. Stay a short distance behind him but not too close. He'll make his way towards the elevators on the southwest corner and go up. Grab the other elevator and activate the button. On the next floor get out and follow the architect.

When he is alone get the blueprints by threatening him or just kill him. If there are witnesses (workers) you'll get a 2 star wanted level for using fists and 3 stars for using a gun. Exit the construction site with the plans and lose the cops if needed. Bring the plans back to the garment factory. Go upstairs to Lester's office.

Decisions, Decisions

Lester get's his planning board set up. There are two options he sees. The new security software goes into "containment" mode when there is an emergency. The first approach will be to plant fire bombs in the building and then go in as the fire department to grab the containment drive. The second approach is to break into the server on site. For the first option Michael will need to use his janitor items to place the bombs while mopping the floors. They'll need a fire truck and a getaway car after destroying the truck. For the second option the FIB should be able to provide a chopper and pilot. The crew will parachute down into the building carrying plenty of fire power in case it goes bad.

With the decision made you need to pick your crew. The fire crew approach requires two gunmen. The roof entry approach requires a gunman, hacker, and driver.

  • Hacker: Rickie Lukens (4%), Christian Feltz (10%), Paige Harris (15%)
  • Gunman: Daryl Johns (6%), Norm Richards (7%), Hugh Welsh (7%), Gustavo Mota (14%), *** Packie McReary (12%) If rescued during random event
  • Driver: Karim Denz (8%), Eddie Toh (14%), *** Taliana Martinez (5%) If rescued during random event

After confirming the options Lester mentions to Michael that they can't move on the Union Depository without Trevor. Michael says Trevor can't do it without them either. You are left in control of Michael.


  • Don't walk too close to the other workers or else your cover may be blown.
  • Knock him out before he gets onto the elevator. You'll be away from workers so the cops won't get called.
  • If you don't care about the police attention, kill him as quickly as possible. You can kill him from the starting point with a gun, run in to grab the plans, and then run out of the site for a getaway of 4 seconds.
  • The fire crew approach requires some setup where as the roof entry approach does not.
  • Optimal crew for the fire crew is Gustavo and Daryl (or Packie). Out of Hugh, Daryl, or Norm, one of them will die after the backdraft early into the escape. Only Packie and Gustavo will both live if used together.
  • Optimal crew for the roof entry is Rickie, Daryl, and Eddie (or Taliana). Daryl will get brightly colored parachutes and have an "inappropriate weapon" for the heist but those won't make a difference. Rickie's inexperience will show but you should be able to figure out the computer (especially since you are reading this guide anyway) and the fire sprinklers don't really obscure anyone. He also won't take long to delete the necessary files although it seems like the FIB agents are a little tougher during the hack time with him. Karim will use a van as a getaway vehicle which delays his arrival at the pickup location (since the police have things blocked off) and keeps the law enforcement coming as you leave the area so you'll need to survive that too. If you used Rickie and Karim during the Vangelico heist they will have gained experience and be optimal for this job (Taliana aside).


  • Quick Getaway - Leave the construction site within 45 seconds.

Fire Crew

The choice is made to use fire bombs and enter as the fire department.

Roof Entry

The choice is made to parachute onto the roof.

Fresh Meat < The Bureau Raid > Reuniting the Family
Legal Trouble
The Wrap Up

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