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After all Franklin has been through it's time for him to make a decision about his path in life. The choice is up to you.

Rewards: None, New-Gen: Gusenberg Sweeper
Protagonists: Franklin (start, job), Michael and Trevor (Option C job only)

Shit gets real

Franklin is at home when his doorbell rings. He answers it and finds Devin Weston outside - apparently in the middle of a neighborhood jog. The only thing Franklin wants to talk about is the money for the cars. Weston brushes off his comments as usual and Franklin comes to realize that Weston's death wish is for someone else. The investment guru lets himself inside and rants how Michael messed up his life and Franklin's too. Franklin says the feds want him to kill Trevor. Weston is not worried about Steve Haines or Dave Norton. One phone call and their careers are over. Weston gives three options to Franklin:
  • A: Listen to $50k a year pension hunters
  • B: Listen to a billionaire who fingers the president's wife
  • C: Be stupid by helping both mentors and piss off everyone else

Time is ticking but for now Franklin kicks out Weston. Franklin can think about it while Weston prepares for a triathlon. The door is slammed and you are put back in control of Franklin. Your phone pops up and the choices are displayed. You need to choose. Pick one and confirm it. Franklin will make a phone call and another mission marker will appear depending on the choice. You are free to change character and/or complete remaining side missions before going to that mission marker.

A: Kill Trevor

B: Kill Michael

C: Deathwish

The Big Score < Finale | Post-Grand Theft Auto V
Mrs. Philips

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  • TreeFitty (Guest) January 25, 2015
    Nope. Once you choose after talking with Devin you are stuck with that choice. Only way to "undo it" is to load a previous save.
  • SwazyPenn (Guest) January 25, 2015
    is the any way u can pick to kill one of them or take the death wish without starting the game over
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