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so this was teased at E3, surprised no one started a topic for it yet... then again, dupz is usually that guy, but he's been on vacation for a few weeks now :D... i am a bit skeptical, and will need to see and hear more about it...








...thoughts?? :mellow:

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From the point of view of someone who plays good MMOs... no. But Bioware has only done me wrong once, and that was Dragon Age II. Even then, I can't really fault them much, because they handled the qunari so well and set up a better story for Dragon Age Inquisition.


I believe in Bioware. In a world of microtransaction-fueled online modes and four versions of Skyrim (coming soon for the Super NES!), there aren't many companies I can say that about.


Also, don't act like you're not hype for mechs and power armor, Fanboy.

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