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I still think they messed up the map with Mexico and the river going north along the east side of the map. Should have had Mexico turn south and either ditched the river for a coastline or make the area of St Denis the river mouth out into the gulf and continue the US land across the river. Makes more sense especially with the terrain they chose for the east side of the river. Fits more with the US.


edit: Something like this:



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I think the main reason they didn't make a 'gulf' is purely because of Guarma, they obviously wanted to hide it under the map, and the only way to do that was to create a massive chunk of land. So that just ended up connecting what we think should be the US and Mexico territory.


That would have made sense though. And I'm sure the other side of the Lannahechee is meant to represent the USA, not Mexico personally. Mexico doesn't actually start until you're level with Blackwater, based on how the terrain looks. I know Mexico isn't all desert, but the land on the south side of Lannahechee could be either or.


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