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Train Wrecked


2-30 player capture

Snipers & Revolvers only


There's a huge train wreck on the creek railroad. Travel up the train carriages and retrieve the classified files before they fall in to the wrong hands. Don't look down!

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I can't post these as neatly as usual, because I'm temporarily without a computer, and trying to post everything on mobile would be hell. Hopefully you kids like these.


Tug Job



Tug Job 2: Alamo Boogaloo



Tug Job 3: Gettin' Booty



I'm aware that I've missed every possible theme night these could have been used for, but I hope you guys give them a chance, at some point. Let me know if these suck, because I have a lot of handjob jokes left, but I don't want to make a half dozen jobs you guys won't like.

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