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yeah sometimes I come across a lot of them both and sometimes it's just the xs

EDIT: looks like there's something to my multiplayer/singleplayer theory. just snagged myself a sabre in gtao as it is much more frequent there than in singleplayer. took it to ls customs and then back to my garage (so to say I took it for a spin). then switched back to singleplayer mode (F) and guess what? sabres all over the place. first sabres outside the minute man missions for me in offline gta

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We were just saying the other day about the disparity between online and offline vehicle spawns. If someone can confirm this it could be huge!

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for my game, I can totally confirm it.

there's probably just half as many cars total spwaning in gtao compared to gtav, but the variety is much much higher thus making rare to find cars in gtav a rather common sight in gtao.

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I noticed this today .....not sure if anyone else has.


On Social Club, under Vehicles, if you click on stats, a lot of them have been updated and are claiming they can be bought online.

These are the updated vehicles

Rat Loader - FREE

Rancher XL - 9k

Sandking XL - 38k

Asea - 12k ( Stickerbomb car)

Asterope - 26k

Ingot - 9k

Premier - 10k

Stanier - 10k

Stratum - 10k

Washington - 15k

Baller(1) - 90k

Cavalcade(2) - 70k

Granger - 35k

Radius - 32k

Bobcat XL - 23k

It's either a mistake, or preparing for a new update.

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