Your NAT/ROUTER is too Strict

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I am sure you all recognize that quote and all the nostalgia that comes right along with it. What worries me is that I will still get kicked or be very limited to what I can do online because of my internet. I am here asking this question, concerned that my internet will ruin GTA5 multiplayer. I know that it is up to me to change my settings but that is my issue, I cant. It's not possible. But perhaps Rockstar will make it so that GTA5 will not require certain things so that the game doesn't find my internet to strict. Do you think Rockstar is aware of this issue and do you think they may have fixed or at least improved it? Thank you.

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It means you need to forward certain ports if you're referring to it happening on GTA IV no matter what you did it still threw this error at certain times. There's a list of the ports you need to forward for GTA IV multiplayer to work (which still didnt fix it for me)

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It's not GTA, it's your ISP and your router that's the problem. I always had this problem with loads of multiplayer games, until i changed a few settings on my router, and allowed certain ports.. But yeah, it still happens occasionally even with the ports forwarded. It happens a lot in the UK from what i noticed. Crappy internet quality over here. I think my best internet was with Virgin in my old house. BT never did well for me, and I've been stuck with them for over two years because of an almost non fibre opticable area...

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The issue is that I have an old basic router where certain settings that I need to change can't be changed because they are permanently cemented into the routers settings. It doesn't give you the option to change what I need to change. So my only hope is that Rockstar will do something to help that issue.

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Here is a quick step on how to open your NAT.

Go to this website address (it allows access into your router) if that web address does not work try one of the following

When you get to that web address you will be given a log-in prompt


The log in information should be

Username: admin

Password: admin

There is a possibility it could be



There is also a possibility somebody on your internet has changed it.

Once you're logged in the first thing you're going to want to do is go to the Administration section and make sure UPnP is allowed. **(if not allow it & then save settings)


Once you've made sure UPnP is allowed you're going to want to find the port forwarding section.

Once you've found the port forwarding you're going to want to open the following ports.





The 111 in the picture I included is the IP to my Xbox.


There is another method, you can use.

If you use this method because the other method doesn't work find the DMZ settings in your router and enable it.


**Make sure you go to your Xbox 360 and change your Xbox IP from Dynamic to Static.

**Make sure you save settings every time you make a change.

If you need assistance on changing your Xbox IP to static all the information can be found here

Step One:

Windows key + R to open the run prompt and search for 'cmd' for command prompt.

Step Two:


Step Three:


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