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Me and The Black Cat (Still wise, free, and safe in our remains)

We are good, like God

unique with a special purpose

like Satan.

We have rights, like King

dreaming up righteous mandates

like the Klan.

We are free, like Gandhi

to rage against the bourgeoisie

like old Mao.

We give hope, like Jesus

keeping faith in cult personalities

like Manson.

We still live, like Buddha

waiting for our rebirth

like a fool.

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I'm not sad ok.
I'm egg yolk swirling
disgusting. Shapeless.

I'm your brain
on drugs.

A pre-birth stew
of life cracked and scrambled
aborted and ate.

I'm hopes shadow.
look up.

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Information Age

Breaking news 
happening overnight
murder by an illegal
searches on Google
stock's record profits
sent oversees
warfare in the Middle East
Coast prepares for Hurricanes
championship run
away killed by a drunk
pilot crashed at a Russian
president starts conflict
resolution this New Years
holiday vacation home sales
training for a new career
politicians elected to represent
criminals vindicated by test-tube
babies born with the Zika virus
stole documents leaked to media
mistrust at record levels
new sanctions against Putin
says hacks were fake
news breaking. 


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It's been two days and my heart aches.

My mouth is yearning for cock.

thrusting, pulsating.

The thought of salty semen makes my mouth water.

I can feel my anus clenching.

My one true love is always just out of reach.

More days go by and I wish death upon myself.

People stare as I pass by.

Dogs Bark at me out of disgust.

People just don't understand me.

My love for man meat still grows stronger regardless.

Fingering my ass is not enough anymore.

I must reclaim my one true love.

Cock will be mine once again.

I must have you up my tight ass. 

I will firmly grasp you in my hands once more.

No one will take you from me.

I wish they would try to steal you from me.

L'Eggo my Eggo.

Then I will give you all my ass butter.

That day will come soon.






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Of words bounced off
me and on to you.
We aren't aren't saying playing
until we do. after.


We've crafted careful outs -
snarky innocents.


We are always right-
I've asked her and she asked you.
We all agree we are clever.


Your words bounce off me
and into your skull 
like a bullet.


Pull the trigger.
But it's not about you.

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