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Tokyo Tamagotchi (Jungle)

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Anyone here with a PS3 played this game yet? I got it just before Christmas as a quick treat whilst browsing the PS Store.

For those of you that haven't, and don't really know what it's about, i will explain.

Mankind has somehow disappeared, not sure if they were wiped out or up and left. But that's all we know to begin with. Animals have become viscous and selective and have taken over the streets of Tokyo. You start out as Either a 'predator' or a 'grazer' which have obvious differences in survival styles.

There are two modes;

- Survival is simple - Chose an animal, breed and survive as long as possible whilst fulfilling challenge requirements. Challenges can be as simple as finding 4 "meals" in a row, or taking over territory on one district, or fight a ferocious beast in a neighboring district.


- Chapter mode is unlocked over time, based on challenge results in Survival mode. These are set stories surrounding the disappearance of man kind, and the evolution of common house pet's instinctive requirements.

So that's what the game is about. Do i like it?

At first i was like hmm... how could this be any different from those Tamogotchi things from the 90's. And i was right, to some extent. It's survival of the fittest and you have to use skill and logic to survive. It's challenging at times, and requires full attention, as you could walk around the corner without creeping, missing the tall grass next to you, and get ripped in half by an awaiting lion. or you could run up to two sleeping hyenas and stealth kill one, but the other yelps for backup and you're suddenly in shit creek. So you have to asses every possible kill.

The game is surprisingly addictive, and is one of those games where you will continue to go back for more. Different Creatures are unlocked over time through challenges, and rewards you with by making them available at the start of each game. There is a big selection of animals/breeds to chose/unlock ranging from pomeranian dogs though to elephants and crocodiles.


For a cheap PSN download, which is also playable through remote play on Vita. This game is a must try. You will never have played anything like it imo...

8/10 - It doesn't matter if it's not a full title, a well deserved 8/10 for new and enjoyable gameplay style.

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I looked at this when it eventually got released here in Europe, declined to get it cos of the price tag and for the fact I had too many games I was already playing to justify another. Definitely looks worth a play at some point.

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You did lol. I was playing last night before bed, I lasted 35 in-game years as a golden retriever. I took on beagles, wolves and even hyenas. But my final battle was with a polar bear. .. it fucked me over quickly.

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