Metal Gear Solid 5

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That's one opinion i guess. But just like any openworld game, you play the game in different ways to extend its life. Role playing, or whatever, there will always be a different way to play it. MGSV is primarily a stealth, sneak game, so it's quite slow paced if that's how you want to play it. There's loads of land to explore even if you want to run and gun, destroying outposts.

Me personally, love the openworld in Phantom Pain. I wasn't sure how i'd like it since MGS has been linear up until now, but i think it's better.

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The game and story let me down. I am a HUGE fan of the MGS 1 and 2 games. I know they had to keep up with the times and all that, but they really stripped the isolation feeling from the game, and that was what I loved most. 

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