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It looks like full-blown Movies are coming to GTA V ~ http://au.ign.com/ar...o-online?page=2

Excerpt from IGN ~

Go to the Movies

"Yes, there are movies to watch in Grand Theft Auto V, and in Online you can watch them with your friends. Maybe you’ll just laugh together, or perhaps you’ll go the Rifftrax route and crack jokes at what’s happening on the screen. Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit a theater during my hands-on time, nor would Rockstar provide any additional details, besides confirming that 16 of you can pack the theater. Looks like this will have to remain something of a surprise, not that that’s a bad thing…" [ End Quote ]

This looks a lot like one of the possible Movie Theatres ( Doppler ) ~


I wonder what type of movies will be played, Westerns/ Mobster Movies/ Comedies/ Heist Movies??? I can't wait to see what's on!!!

Also, I predicted this on page 6 as well...

Also I wonder if the Cinema in the Gameplay Vid is fully functional. There was that Black and White Movie Theatre ( with no sound ) on the edge of Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption. Maybe there could be Short Rockstar made movies, satirizing contemporary movies ( like one of the superhero movies ), or funny versions of classics ( like Spaghetti Western's referencing characters in Red Dead Redemption/ or Italian Mobster movies like Goodfellas/ or old Martial Arts Movies etc ).

The Movie Theatre is on the left ( Doppler )


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