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Requesting a graphic to be made for me

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Ok so I need someone with talent to make me a graphic.

It should be about 850 pixel width 220 height a little more is alright but try not to go under.

I wanted 4 pictures blended into each other kinda transparent like

Far left picture should be the one with the white jerseys.

And in the background or however best you see fit I would like the Madhouse on Madison in the back less visible than the rest.

And if possible a red tinge to the entire thing.

If anyone wants to try this it will be greatly appreciated and I will touch your penis.

Oh and obviously you can resize the pictures however necessary or you see fit





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I thought about making it but it doesn't fit the forum rules for signature sizes and plus you said it's not for this site. Have somebody at the other site make it.

Also being here since June 8th isn't a while. I've been apart of Psy's sites since 2007/2008. if you have been apart of another sit of psy's you should know we like more than are penises to be touched.

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Ok dude. Im Bain since the first forums came out.....its for facebook. You can see your work posted on my wall every day. Its not another forum its for the cover pic.

Like Bain. Miguel Bain.

Oh, I remember Bain. I don't have facebook so I'd never see it. I've currently busy at the moment with other stuff so I'm currently unable to do it. I might be able to work it in somewhere if i'm able to I'll post it.

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