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Some [fake] GTA V screenshots have "leaked"

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Some [fake] GTA V screenshots have "leaked"

Some photos of an alleged Xbox 360 build of GTA V are making the rounds today, and at first glance they're actually pretty good. However, moving on to some light analysis we can soon see they are quite likely to be fakes. I am not going to link to the source website because they are virtually unheard of and in all likelihood they were created as a publicity stunt, they have even since updated their post to point out they are likely fake anyway.

Here are the images in question (click for full size):




As you can see, the images appear to show an Xbox 360 build of the game. The menus seem to lack a bit of polish, and we can see a thinner variant of the Helvetica typeface is being used (possibly deliberate but may be an error), but what would seem like the first somewhat obvious sign of fakery is that the dollar sign is on the wrong side of the number.

Also, it is strange to see the "Stats" option greyed out. This doesn't make sense to us as these are viewable at any time in every GTA game.

As for the map itself, in our opinion there looks to be far too much countryside, approximately two thirds of the map if you look at how much physical space it takes up.

There's probably a number of other things we're missing here. But our immediate opinion is most certainly fake.

Do you agree they are fake? Or do you think they could actually be real? Let us know in the comments, and of course if you've found anything in the images that proves they are real/fake. We'll update this post if we get any other interesting information regarding these.

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