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Found 6 results

  1. this topic is reserved for setting up events and discussing rules... if you have questions, post them here... if you want to see if anyone wants to play right now, ask here... PS3/XBOX events will be organized and drawn up in here first, to keep the section from being cluttered with random matches... we have been having success with a bi-weekly deathmatch on the PS3... but i would like to see the same interest with the XBOX, perhaps playing an event on alternating weeks... i want to gauge interest for that in this topic too... if anyone is interested, please start the discussion in here!! i am going to start reaching out to social networks too, so i want this to be the topic for those new members who are interested to talk about it... there's been talks of moving these events to team deathmatches if we can get enough people interested, but i wouldn't mind seeing other events being scheduled too... like maybe a GTA race session, or cops and robbers... so this topic is the overall multiplayer event organizing topic... ========================= to get things started, i will be setting up the next PS3 deathmatch topic on monday... any preferences?? i think i found out how to set up the match as auto-aim off... was anyone able to auto aim last time?? if no one was able to, i now know how to toggle that option on and off for future matches, it's up to the host to set those online preferences before a match... and you can't set it as "don't care" it has to be set to "off"... i am pretty sure friendly fire and police can be set up the same way... anyone want to play with cops next time??
  2. A video I made a while back doing some jumps and stunts around the beach area in GTAIV on the Sanchez.
  3. is something myself (me in this video) and a few friends do for fun in GTAIV. (using NO CHEATS/MODS!) This should have been a mission for the game for Brucie. It's quite challenging, TRY IT!The Challenge? Starting a new game and take Roman to the apartment. When it lets you into the world for the first time steal the Sultan RS turbo by driving any car/truck/motorcycle you can steal and drive up to the Alderney Mansion for the Sultan RS (hidden car in the top corner of the map two locked levels up) and returning safely to the original safe house. (NO CHEATS!, no swimming, no taxi rides or subways, no choppers, no boats, no weapons) This was posted originally as a challenge by (or to?) Moss_27 on a gaming forum a while ago. River owns you. ps: All the music on video is original by me.
  4. River


    Oblique. A weird, perspective on gtaiv.
  5. 6pm EST/11pm GMT Settings chosen by winner of Deathmatch 'A' - ViceMan [View Highlights] Platform: PS3 Location: Broker Duration: 45 mins Auto-Aim: ON Weapons: Powerful Police: OFF Traffic: Parked Pedestrians: OFF Blips: ON Online I.D Display: ON Reticule Health: ON Voice Chat: ON Respawn Distance: Medium Respawn Time: 1 sec Time of Day: Midday Weather: Cloudy Dogs: Barking mad Rape: After every kill No leaving the designated map or glitching. Winner chooses next event settings. Confirmed Players & Sony Entertainment Network I.D: trathen93 [trathen] Marney1 [Marney-1] TreeFitty [therealtreefitty] ViceMan [ViceyThaShizzle] Psy [Psycopsy] bOnEs [artistadam] DuPz0r [bushkaUK] Ku Zi Mu 789 [kuz789] gtagrl [gtagrl] the truth [deathbymanson] Post your iGTA5 member name and SEN I.D. to join the list. Deathmatch 'B' recap with pics
  6. what clues did we see that lead up to the conclusion to the new gta 5? i remember the one sign in the porn shop, (ready for the explosion) will this be the exposion??