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  1. To be honest, there is only so much country I can take. I love the inclusion of country in SA, this is one of the main reasons it's my favourite game, but there was a lot of variety in a relatively small space. It only takes a few minutes to drive from forest to desert to farmland and back again. There's a huge amount of detail in that space. On the other hand, if I was forced to drive for half an hour through farmland, I might lose interest after a while, especially since there's no way anyone could pay attention to that much space and keep it interesting. I'd rather they include as much country as they are able to keep interesting, rather than forcing in extra space just so they can claim it is their 'biggest game eva'.
  2. This is the only thing that really convinces me we might still see the two other cities. If they stick with Los Santos and the surrounding countryside, then it clearly won't be their 'largest and most ambitious' game at all. Also, referring to 'Southern California' doesn't necessarily exclude the two other cities. It might just mean they won't pay attention to anything north of San Francisco... which according to Google Maps, isn't much anyway. Las Vegas might be in Nevada, but it's close enough to Southern California to be part of the general area. I'm sure they're still holding out on a few major details. Maybe they'll surprise us all, and include Hawaii?
  3. Thinking more about what I'd like to see... Multiple solutions to missions. I have to get inside a building to retrieve an object. I can do it the old-fashioned way, go in guns blazing. Or I can use the stealth option, break in and steal it without firing a single bullet. Or I can do something wacky like bribe my corrupt policemen to stage a raid, and to pick up the object while they're inside. Maybe I can drop gas into the ventilation system to knock everyone out, then put on a mask and go inside without having to engage anyone. Each solution requires either skills, guns, money, equipment and/or associates. Another thing I'd like is to be able to register cars in my name, so that even when the computer decides I parked it in the wrong place I can go to the impound lot to collect it. Or if it falls into the water, I can pick it up from maritime salvage. So far you can buy and keep your own clothes and safehouses, but the only way to make sure you keep a particular car is to leave it in a safehouse permanently and not bring it on any missions. This needs to change.
  4. I think the guy selling his house in the trailer is just an indication that this game will be set in a world undergoing a financial crisis, in fact not dissimilar to our own world. Note that after this clip is when we see hobos and prostitutes. It's setting the scene, not hinting at gameplay elements. Which isn't to say there won't be property ownership aspects anyway. I think they are a popular enough feature for R* to include them again.
  5. See that's why there are people out there generating false information, no one wants to wait for the next official trailer which might be months away so anything that looks like it might be genuine gets paid an intense amount of attention to. Face it, the next time you get any official information it will be in the newswire.
  6. I've only played IV for a short time, but what I missed from San Andreas was the extensive rural landscape to explore, including mountains and farms and deserts and hills. I just felt very claustraphobic stuck in Liberty City. Fortunately it looks like this is going to change, and I am once again going to be able to drive up Mount Chiliad and across country. I also missed the wackiness and the unrealistic storylines. I don't want the story to be limited to what can happen in the 'real' world, that is very boring. I want to infiltrate army bases and steal vertical take-off jets and combine harvesters. I want to encounter all kinds of eccentric characters like Mike Toreno. I also don't want to have to put up with all the social crap. I don't mind if it's there for people who want to waste their time on that aspect of the game, but I want to be able to complete the game, and get 100%, without having to socialise with people.
  7. This New Zealand website gives the estimated release date as the 26th of October 2012: It probably means nothing, but it's another date to add the rumour list.
  8. I have never known an anonymous source leaking information to tease details before. What's the point? I mean if had as much information as this person thinks they do, I wouldn't hold back on some details just for the hell of it.