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  1. Cool, thanks for the test. There were two updates since I posted about the issue, perhaps one of them addressed it! I'll give it a shot tonight as well.
  2. Cool, let me know how it goes. I've tried several and all have made it to youtube, but none have to social club.
  3. Anyone else having problems getting social club to register videos that are rendered and uploaded to youtube on PC version? I can make the vids just fine, and they upload but they never register as uploading. (social club doesnt see them, and inside of the game it says "upload failed try again") Yet, its on youtube and plays just fine. <<< this was uploaded through the game and is on youtube live now but in the game it says "upload failed" and doesnt show up on social club etc.
  4. Here's a couple snapmatics from the beach the other day. I'm going to make some videos this week. Starting to get into the video editor a little more!
  5. Check out my "river run" where you have to be pretty skilled on the jetski. hint, on the large jump stick to the right some and you can make it up. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/bkeqZgWXpkCLtWVBW9LowQ
  6. Got to play around with the editor some last night and experiment with camera movements etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyIyeHjrcXY
  7. I figured out how to do a snapmatic selfie where you can get your whole body in the shot.
  8. Finally played online a bit, was a blast. Here's a some snappies from today
  9. The mapping and texture work, world detail/character details are really good in this game. You can tell R* spent a lot of time working on the world and world effects in this. Seems like a well refined version of the GTAIV engine. After playing around with the editor a little more I did also notice that it has some cool new options to the free camera mode which I like a lot. I still wish the distance could be much longer on camera positions (moving them farther away from the player than is currently allowed would rock) Some of the camera movements and presets are cool also.
  10. ^^^ Yes, a copy and paste from project to the next would be nice too. (or being able to save the camera positions in a clip, and reopen that in another project) Basically once you finish with a clip, you can either add to it or leave it there. You cannot copy one scene into another project window which makes putting together longer movies quite a paint in butt.
  11. Alright so after a few days of playing around (and only a few missions haha mostly just playing around and checking out new vehicles and the map) My initial impression of the game is GOOD, well better than good. Despite the long ass download for the "patch" and after everything updated (a couple more smaller patches too?) the game has run very smoothly and hasnt crashed/dumped yet. I even messed around with the video editor which seems to be really cool. (although havent dove in all the way yet) Some things of note about it I wish would be addressed with a mod, or with a patch. Perhaps make the draw distance and camera placement distances to be about twice as long as they are currently in the video editor mode. (so that rendering distance is even farther than currently, and camera placement can be made further away from the player, perhaps twice as far or more (why is it limited for video editor?) Game play is awesome, havent found any map glitches yet either. After another week or so of gameplay I'm writing up a longer article about this that might be a bit more indepth with some more info and possible suggestions for R* or modders!
  12. Oh cool it just took a while to show up on the site. Prob getting hit pretty hard. Here's the first one I have done.
  13. How are you guys doing the larger res snapmatics?
  14. Alas got the game loaded and updated. So far so good, no glitches or freezes etc and the graphics look great. (hoursss to install haha) Time to wreck this bitch a little bit, and play thru some missions. I'll give an initial impression after a couple days worth of play.
  15. Well my discs arrived. I'm a little put out though. I'm not quite sure why they send you discs, when the first thing it does after slowly installing 7 discs for over an hour is - it downloads a 60 gb "patch". Wow. Why send the damn discs to people if its pretty much nulled, and you have to download the practically the entire game all over again anyways for it to work? I have not been able to play yet, so please excuse my disgust for this release so far. Totally not impressed with the way this has been released.
  16. Yeah, so lame. I ordered the game in august of last year. Yet steam users have been playing since 4 pm yesterday. At least Rockstar cares about its customers getting the game on time. I'm actually in the middle of writing an article on this crap. It has been really lame (the delays and excuses) despite the game being cool. I'm a bit pissed that I could preorder a game nearly a year ago and someone could order it last night on steam and get it before me. (so my disks will arrive 2-3 days after most people get to play the game) Cool Rockstar thanks!! Not like it wouldve been awesome to get the game a day earlier or something, but no. Lets make it a couple days late.
  17. Yeah I've used all those options and played around with it a lot. I was talking about a full blown mission editor capable of setting objectives that must be completed etc (objects picked up, or people eliminated) The one in flashpoint was bad ass in that you could setup missions just like the real game for single player or multi (not just limited to the two mp options) It would be really cool to see a mod for that if rockstar wont ever release something to do that with. im curious to see what we can do with director mode in those ways. @the editor badass! im excited to play around with it some. i got a tracking number today. R* should offer a special edition version on a cool shaped USB thumb drive (maybe a V and one end plugs in?) for this PC version.
  18. Yeah I've done those preset missions. I'm talking about custom making your own waypoints for races etc so that you'd basically have a bunch of hoops (that you place whevever instead of the preset ones, basically just build your own) or gates to make it through in order to finish. The TGAIV multiplayer missions were alright. Most of the time we had more fun just getting all of our warning levels up and trying to hold down the fort someplace for a bit then race to someplace else and do the same thing (talking on vent) but yeah... i get yah man }-) gtaiv was def much fun