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  1. I think you've summed it up perfectly, initially I was disappointed it wasn't all of SA but the more I think about it just being Los Santo's the more I like the sound of it. R* know what they are doing and it could well be bigger than SA and maybe 10 years down the line bigger and better consoles we will see the whole of the SA but for now what we possibly have is like SA the defining game of a generation which strikes the balance between what SA & IV offered. Do we know for sure that it is just Los Santos? To be fair I will take whatever they put together such is my faith in Rockstar. Think it's safe to say that you can go outside of City limits given what we can see on the horizons. Wonder if it is Mt Chiliad? I was not too fussed about San Fierro in GTA San Andreas so so if they manage to create a great city and some variation on the outskirts I think that will be enough.
  2. I'm Numpty and was Numpty on the ol GTA Sanandreas site all those years ago. Funny to see the names like Psy, Duffman and QDeathstar again. Current status following GTAV Announcement Trailer: Excited.