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  1. I hope they bring back an element of gangbanging within the game. As the game is set in the present, I don't believe it will be the main focus, as gang culture isn't so much as a social problem compared to the period of 1991-93.
  2. Hello, my names Donnie im from the north of the UK; I was an active member in the forums during my college days back in 2004-2005. Many people may remember me for my Marxist views (which I still hold, put don't bother carrying the soapbox around with me anymore!). I was active on this forum during my A-level days, since then I've gained a 2.1 degree in Politics and Philosophy from a nothern university. Im currently about to finish my Masters degree in Social Policy. My interests are video games, specifically Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls series. I'm also interested in science fiction and hanging out with friends. Used to love being active on these forums, i hope to ignite that passion once again.