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  1. I love games with mercenaries, and tropical fiction. But what do you think about the Far Cry 3? Are the guys will be fire on sight to you? I saw helicopters too. Maybe crocodiles would be nice too. Waiting for your comments!
  2. i will buy it for PS3, because you cant drive a car decently with W,A,S,D in PC. games like gta is going well with PS3(except San Andreas)
  3. oooohh, nothing to fly dude. runways must be long for a realistic flight. i dont think that there will be a stuff like LAX
  4. If there will be a big countryside, heights, forests or something like that, it will be realistic. deers or cows will go well with those scenery. cmon, losting in the nature will be cool, istnt it?
  5. MAVERİCK! FUCK! REAL MAVERİCKS HAVE GOT 2 BLADES IN PROPELLER! but in gta v, it has 4! i would like to freighters such as GE ES44AC. i fuckin don wanna the local electric trams. in real LA, you can see the freights with their amazing horn voice.
  6. no animals, little city, no railroad, trumped-up conflict scenes, VERY FANTASIC MİSSİONS such as jump on a helicopter like a frog
  7. Dude im lokin for a big and realistic city. also countryside and animals such as dogs, cows, deers. good fiction, good game. everything is fiction!