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  1. Old man:GUY IN SUIT:moves to las santos with lot of money at first. The construction site from the trailer might b somthing he's building then with the problem of money he turns to the life of crime n ask you to do jobs for other people to earn money. Yourself could b poor living in a shit house n c it as an opportunity to make some money.
  2. One of the best remakes ive seen so far. Couldn't believe how close it looked to the original gta v trailer. GOOD WORK!!!
  3. Could b pausable. But who knows when it may come out. Hope it does come out in oct though.
  4. Ps3 for me always had playstations. I personally couldn't deal with swapping discs all the time.
  5. I do the first few missions just to get started. Then i just go round exploring the map finding any wired stuff like sanandreas had.