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  1. So after a bit of time I am gain here to discuss with you, Just want to know where do you reach in your project??
  2. I manually used to play this game with father in my childhood, thanks for reminding me this game.
  3. Its last series has been released. Has anybody watched it? I saw it and found it amazing one to have, I like picture quality, story, etc.
  4. After a bit of time, I am gain here to discuss this game with you guys, are you still playing this one?
  5. I am yet to play this game looking soon to have this. Let me complete the previous series.
  6. Beer and red wine are my all time favorite one to have anywhere.
  7. This is somethings that I can take it as inspirational, I know how hard it is.?
  8. This is somethings where I can start with I am Ronald? and like to play video game series in my meantime. Well, talking about projects currently I am not working on any project as I completed my college. Due to less time because of heavy work I got very less time to play. Currently on GTA 5 and waiting for the GTA 6 trailer.